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What is the difference between being jewish and christian?

My girlfriend is jewish and i want to know what she will be comfortable talking about. i don’t want the biggest explanation ever but i do want a good answer.

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17 Responses to “What is the difference between being jewish and christian?”

  1. Jake said :

    well christainity is based off of the jewish faith and chraistans believe that the messiah (Jesus) hasent come yet and they are still waiting for him but i would just ask her you know just talk to her about it just be like yeah i wanna learn more about the jewish faith you know or just look it up online some where

  2. Liberal AssKicker said :

    1 man

    Christian – Jesus = Jew

  3. Annie said :

    the answer is real simple….. Jesus…… that is the difference, and it is a BIG difference….. go in peace…. God bless

  4. Exodiafinder said :

    Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God. Jewish people believe that he was just a man.

  5. mcaley12 said :

    Jesus, New Testament, Holidays

  6. Aonghas M said :

    There are so many more differences than just Jesus. Anybody who says the only difference between Judaism and Christianity is Jesus is just deluded.

    *There is no hell in Judaism.
    *HaSatan (the Satan) is just an angel of G-d, who can do nothing that is not G-d’s will. He’s not even that important.
    *The Mashiach (Messiah) is not divine, and has not come yet. He’s supposed to be a devout Jew. The idea that the Mashiach is a son of G-d or G-d himself is heretical, as G-d is One.
    *There is no apocalypse in Judaism. That’s a Christian idea. The End of Days in Judaism will occur when all people are resurrected and the Mashiach ushers in the Messianic Age of peace and love.

  7. jonpierre56 said :

    I’m a former Jew now Atheist.

    Jews believe in one God, and one god only. No Jesus, No holy sprit, none of that crap. The centerpiece, or most important prayer in all of Judaism is this:

    “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”

    Christians believe that Jesus was the son of god, and is god in human form. But here’s the real truth: neither god or jesus is real.

  8. edwah zephaniah said :

    They inherit the earth, and us christians will rule and reign with Christ and are seated with Him in the heavenliest, because we are His body, the church, we are two but we are made one new man, Jew and Gentiles, that is if they also believe the gospel of Paul, to be a member of the body of Christ;

    Otherwise they will go through the great trib and have their salvation as prophesied by Daniel the Prophet.

    sincerely, edwah z j

  9. Zargon said :

    Jews believe in God. They believe God is the cause of all things. They don’t believe in any other gods. They think Jesus, if he existed, was a Rabbi whose words got all screwed up and misinterpreted when pagans got hold of them.

    (With that last part, I agree.)

    They’re a little miffed Christians and Muslims blatantly ripped off their holy scriptures.

  10. zahid said :

    Masters and Servants.

  11. chrstnwrtr said :

    Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God while Christians do.

  12. nmyankee said :

    You haven’t said ‘which page’ you’re on regarding your spiritual beliefs so my reply has a bit more detail than what I might have included.

    It’s important to note that not all Jewish people have religious beliefs in keeping with Orthodox, Conservative or Reformed Judaism – some are only, racially, Jewish. If she is, however, an observant Jewess, I think you could discuss the differences in spiritual and cultural beliefs well into 2011 (or 5771-2 in the Jewish calendar). .

    Jews and Christians believe in the same God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and both believe in a personal relationship with God. Jews who belong to one of the branches of Judaism (as above) believe God to be ‘singular’ and not the Triune God of the New Testament who exists as three persons within one Godhead – they consider the Christian belief in theTrinity to be heresy.

    In the Old Testament one sees that the Jews were God’s chosen people – it was through the Jews that the Messiah (Jesus) was to come. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a Jewess – His earthly (adoptive) father, Joseph, was also a Jew. Religious Jews don’t believe the Messiah, spoken of in the Old Testament (Isaiah 53, for example) has yet come so they still wait for their Savior.

    Some of the Old Testament Books, which are found in the Christian Bible, aren’t accepted by all Jews but all accept the Books of Moses (Tankh, Torah or Pentateuch) as do Christians.

    Please see links.

  13. allonyoav said :

    Christianity is totally divorced from Judaism theologically
    1) The belief that God would physically manifest to produce a child is the opposite of Jewish belief
    2) The belief that God is made up of different beings is the opposite of Jewish belief in the single, undivided nature of God.
    3) The belief that any being could set itself up in opposition to God (i.e. the devil) is the opposite of Jewish belief in which God is the sole and only authority and author of events in the world
    4) The idea of eternal damnation for people who err (Hell), is the opposite of Jewish belief in which God is loving and always forgives.
    5) The idea that God would ever cancel his convenant, after explicitly stating it was eternal, and thus turning God into a liar, is the opposite of Jewish belief
    6) The idea that God could ever make a mistake (i.e. that the law he gave was too difficult to follow and was thus replaced with the sacrifice of his “son”) is the opposite of the Jewish belief that God is perfect and never makes mistakes.
    7) The idea that God can make mistakes is also the opposite of the Jewish belief that God is eternal and across all of time (God is, God was, God will be) and thus knows rthe consequences of every action and can tus never makes mistakes or not know the result sof something he does

    In essence, Christianity, while claiming to be based on Judaism shares very little theologically with Judaism, but actually shares far more theologically with the various Pagan religions in existence at that time. The early Christian writers who created the Christian scriptures also seem to be ignorant of Judaism- the Christian scriptures are replete with errors about Judaism and Jewish practice- almost to the point of them being an anti-Semitic polemic.

    edit:raydellfrederic is wrong. The Jewish Mashiach doe NOT come as our saviour to remove our sins. that is a Christian concept that has no place in Judaism. Judaism doe snot have a saviour, original sin or the ability of anyone to atone on your behalf for your own personal sins! the mashiach comes to bring peace, to restore the temple, to restore the Temple service, to bring the world to acknowledge G-d. not a s a saviour or someone to atone for us- in Judaism atonement is only possible if it is done the person who sinned in the first place!

  14. [email protected] said :

    The Jews read the scriptures and see their Savior coming as the one who pays for all their sins and also taking his place on earth as King. SO to be blunt, the Jews see a Savior coming once doing two different things.
    Christians see the Savior as coming twice, the crucifixion (sin payment)80 A.D. and the Rapture(King).

  15. AlaskanFerret said :

    I am not a Christian, I am a Jew, from what I know about my Christian friends, here is where I think they make the biggest misconceptions and irritate me. Maybe it will help you when you talk with her.
    1. Don’t think that just because your religion reads a (rewritten) version of the Torah that you understand what Jews believe, or how they interpret that.
    2. Don’t call our G-d an angry G-d. G-d created a system where good and bad things happen. If all of us did good things there would be fewer bad things that happened. That doesn’t make the victims bad and it doesn’t make G-d an angry G-d. It only makes G-d the only G-d (and means people have free-will).
    3. The Devil is not on par with G-d. He is an angel- he is humanities prosecuting attorney.
    4. Jews don’t talk about Christians in Synagogue- deal with it.
    5. What you do means more than what you believe. If a Jew says they don’t really believe in G-d, other Jews won’t think any less of them as long as they follow the commandments (which there are 613).
    6. An eye for an eye doesn’t mean you can go poke someone’s eye out just because they did it to you. It only means you can’t kill them for that- the punishment can’t exceed the crime- no more.
    7. Questions are expected- Why should I believe in G-d is not taboo. Jews love to debate the rules that G-d gave us. It’s OK to do.
    8. “Hell” is not a place for all disbelievers. All the righteous of all the worlds have a place in the world to come. Jews do not all believe the same idea of what hell is- we all agree it is not a place of eternal torture.
    9. You don’t have to believe what I believe to be a good person and for G-d to love you.
    10. Christians are obsessed with spiritual beliefs and the afterlife, Jews are not.
    11. Judaism is more like a democracy than a dictatorship. The Rabbi is a scholar in Jewish law, someone to consult & argue with on matters of Torah- not the authority.
    Well, I think that covers most of it. I suggest not starting the debate with “why do you believe…”. That of course would break misconception #1.

  16. Golden said :

    Christians believe Jesus is the savior
    Jews believe that the savior hasn’t come yet and he will come some day and save them.

  17. Health and Fitness Guy said :

    They both come from the same base of the old testament then they go their separate ways when Jesus came along and then the Christians have the new testament from the time of Jesus.

    But to get back to the main focus, if you want to have a good relationship with this girl then you should be able to talk about anything.

    So don’t go into any subject thinking it is taboo until you know her a bit better. By asking questions you will get to know her thoughts on everything. This is much healthier than thinking you can’t talk about a topic.


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