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What is the best way to study math and get high grades if im bad at it?

I have exams coming up real soon in like a week and a half! And honestly i havent studied much cause i get stuck all the time and dno how to go on about it!

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to study math and get high grades if im bad at it?”

  1. HELLO123 said :

    get a tutor

  2. ItalianGemini said :

  3. Superman said :

    Go back to 1st grade.

  4. ddaaavvviiidd said :

    if your bad at it lol cheat other wise get intrested in the subject and stop not likeing the subject and learn and know that this is very important 4 our future good luck

  5. Morningstar said :

    Get a tutor.

  6. kreednnate said :

    I had the same problem in school and just figured I was bad at it. Turns out, my teacher just didn’t do a good job at Teaching…she was great at reading examples, but bad at teaching. I’d ask someone in the class who’s doing well or who understands it, if they’d study with you.

    the thing about math is it’s consistent. It doesn’t ever really change, so once you understand the formula’s you are good to go. You just need someone who can find a way to explain them to you in a way you’ll understand. LIke I said earlier, seek the help of a student in the class that’s doing well. Try not to pick a friend b/c you’ll tend to want to just chat and hang out, not study. AND DO NOT act like you understand b/c you feel dumb. If you don’t get it, keep asking for more examples and different explanations until you really get it.

    Good Luck on the exams!

  7. 2n2222 said :

    Do problems. That’s all. First, do each and every example in the textbook, and then the examples that the teacher did in class, if indeed you remember what they were. Then do all the problems in the textbook that are supplied with answers so you know if you did them right. Don’t try to memorize formulas or techniques: if you do enough problems, you’ll memorize them quickly enough.

    Work as neatly as you can, try to show your work in an orderly fashion–try to imitate the book–and here’s a surprise: do not erase anything. Matter of fact, work with a ball-point pen. When you make a mistake, cross it out with just a single line through it–don’t try to obliterate it. There are three reasons for this. One, erasing wastes time, and you can never erase things well enough. This is hazardous, because when you leave little marks and write over them, unexpected decimal points appear, and 7’s turn into 2’s. Another reason that you shouldn’t erase is that it very often turns out that what you thought was wrong was at least partially right. So sometimes you can use it.

    If you use a calculator, be sure to use the simplest and cheapest one you can find. I don’t like the fancy graphing kind, because kids can’t use them easily, and they’re easy to make mistakes on. The fanciest calculator you should buy is a TI-30 or something else that costs less than ten bucks. The simplest one-dollar calculator is actually good for most math.
    Or the calculator in your cell phone is good, too.


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