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What is the best diet for someone who wants to eat small amounts of meat and dairy?

I am a college student, and I am looking for a way to have a better diet despite the food that is served. I am lactose intolerant (but not that bad) and I do not enjoy meat the way I used to. I do not want to cut out meat and dairy completely, but I would like to know what I can eat while still being healthy, and not having to consume large amounts of meat and dairy. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “What is the best diet for someone who wants to eat small amounts of meat and dairy?”

  1. offie said :

    just dont eat it lol,
    eat more veggies but remember to have complete proteins (loop it up for some lists)

  2. Kelly said :

    Just eat meat every three days. If you crave meat try the veggie burgers/chicken burgers by morning star and add lettuce, tomato, pickle for taste. You can always have soup,salad,apple.cheese stick and cracker for dinner one night. Frozen meal with salad and fruit (meat is smaller) etc. pasta is good w/o meat.

    Peanutbutter with carrots/celery is good.
    Just add more veggies to meal and carbs.

  3. Deer Hunter said :

    That’s exactly what I do. I eat meat but I don’t gorge myself on it like most omnivores. I only eat lean fresh unprocessed meat in small portions. Much of the meat I eat is wild game that I hunt, kill, and butcher myself. I do have dairy also, but again in small portions. I almost never eat fast food. The other foods I eat are whole wheat’s, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

  4. Kristen Segal said :

    hmm you should have asked some professional dietitian about your this question 🙂

    anyways do check here one they might solve your problems 🙂


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