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What is happening with the PSP and the UMDs?

After the launch of the PSP GO are they still going to make UMDs for the older models because i have a PSP 1000 (the first model) and the new PSP GO uses downloads to play games and i don’t really want to do this, i would rather use the UMDs so, what is happening with the UMDs are the really being scrapped?

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3 Responses to “What is happening with the PSP and the UMDs?”

  1. Joe Smoe said :

    the old psps will only use umds however eventually games are going to be downloaded like the psp go. the downloads is stupid it takes forever and they released the psp go before there were even enough psp go games

  2. Michael said :

    (This is just guessing based on what has happened in the past, but) Yes, I do believe the UMD’s are being scrapped. Ever so slowly though. They will probably take about as long to completely die out as PS1 games did. The technology is not advanced enough yet to make it worth completely switching over too fast. Too many people would be pissed off, and they are still making a decent profit off of UMDs. So in short, yes the UMDs are probably on their way out, but I would say you have at least another good year or so before you have to start seriously worrying about that. (And even longer before they start getting hard to find at used game stores and online)

  3. Tess Joe said :

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