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What is a difference between a fat wife and a thin wife?

What are the advantages of having thin wives, and what are the advatages of having a fat wife ?\

Fat here doesn’t mean Obese or who weigh 80 kgs.
How mean you men are., wht iz dis what do u know about them? really bad comments bhai

Sina,,,, hmm Forget it.

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31 Responses to “What is a difference between a fat wife and a thin wife?”

  1. xialou1 said:

    more sex from overweight women

    and more respect from friends for skinny women

  2. Wht is diz(wants Shia candy) said:

    It doesn’t matter if they are fat or thin. It matters how devoted they are to ALLAH(SWT)

    (copy paste but i mean it)
    ( i was just messing with u guys earlier sorry)

    Lmaooo, 6 thumbs down in 2 mins, amazing.

  3. ElwoodsBrotherJake said:

    Diz ..Shame on you bro…

    The ONLY difference is There is More of the “FAT” wife to love!!!

    Edit: Ranoush, My lovely sister you disappoint me, I once weighted 439 pounds and I got down to 200 pounds and now about 225 just because the baby food (hehe) I “test” before I give it to her. But now I am HALF of what I once was.
    When I was THAT big, people give you strange stares, have rude comments (to some one they have NEVER spoken to) they laugh and giggle, point and make fun of you.
    NOW.. I’m on the OTHER side of the coin, I do NOT judge a woman (or any other person now because of their weight)
    Because I DO know from personal experience what is like to be judged because of my size.
    A liar I am NOT, and yes what you said (even though it was not directed at me personally) has hurt my feelings.

    I love you reguardless of hurting my feelings, reguard of your size, reguardless of your race color or indifferences.
    Asalaam Alakium

  4. Sina (one wife is never enough) said:

    The fat is useful in winter

  5. Jamie12345 said:

    More cushion for the pushin’?

  6. Ellis said:

    What is a difference between a fat wife and a thin wife?

    About 100 lbs…

  7. •Muslim• (#3) said:

    I have no idea.

    Maybe the thin wife would be more willing to go on long walks in the park with her husband?

    Other then that, everyone should be blind of the outside.
    Totally agree with Luwayla.
    Wht is diz: Lol, stop posting dumb stuff.. You make it hard for the ones who aren’t jerks 🙁
    Ranoush: Don’t call me a liar when you don’t know me.


  8. Silly_Rabbit (identity crisis) said:

    sr. Maria…isn’t it obvious? One is fat and one is skinny! LOL! J/k. Well, you shouldn’t be any of the extremes, if you are too skinny, it’s hard to have a child and same with if you are too fat (I’m not saying that women are only meant to produce children, but if she WANTS to marry and have kids, it counts.) Being or the other is not healthy, but I think no matter what your body size is, the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise and Inshallah you can avoid health issues in the future. I think for men, they would prefer the thin wife, because they are nicer to look at, it sounds shallow, but it’s true. Even my husband admits to it. He said that thin girls are nice to look at, HOWEVER…often (and these are his words by the way) beautiful women know they are beautiful, so they are snobby and mean.

    It’s all in perspective. I hope I can be skinny and beautiful in Jannat Inshallah lol.

  9. Jagoti said:

    One is healty than the other. I can not say the advantages buuuuuut if one’s wife is healthier they can go on longer walks together 🙂

  10. sliq1983 said:

    If God is not impressed with man’s outward appearance, why should I (or, anyone else, for that matter) be concerned? God looks at the heart of man (woman).
    If the woman, (your wife?) is a child of God, what difference would her weight have to do with anything?
    Here’s a similar question. Fat or thin husband?

  11. Luwayla said:

    It doesn’t matter if they are fat or thin. It matters how devoted they are to ALLAH(SWT)

  12. @[email protected] (gone until March 19) said:

    physical difference doesn’t influence the love of two Muslims.
    Providing that both of them are humans, not Jins lol…

    sina, sorry lol..

  13. fasn321 said:

    Go’head Luwayla. Girl, you deserve Best Answer!!

  14. bravofan71 said:

    There’s nothing wrong with overweight wives.

  15. D0LL - ♥ said:

    Luwayla is 100% right~!

    It doesnt matter whats on the outside 🙂

  16. naserq2 said:

    you need to ask some one who got both
    in science to compare means to make all other factors the same
    theoritically this never can happen
    you need two wives
    marry both the same day
    both are the same age
    the same eyes colour
    the same father
    the same mother
    more over you must be the same ,yourself,means,you cant judge them in two different times,it must be the same time
    surprize me and tell me how you going to do that

  17. Taeya said:

    There’s no difference between a fat wife and a thin wife, Maria. It’s the good wife that matters the most.

    By the way Maria, your question is too vague (too put it mildly), hence the crude answers. And no offense, but it’s a tad bit offensive. Perhaps you could rephrase it or be a bit more specific in your question. Thank you.

  18. tuna said:

    salam sis!wass up?
    a fat wife will leave the husband starving! and broke!
    a thin wife will be a perfect economic wife for a cheap husband!!!
    but if my husband gets hungry he can eat me!im tunalicious!

  19. Ranoush(ONE WIFE ONLY) said:

    OMG…sorry guys,,,but every man who said that it doesn’t matter if she’s fat or thin is a liaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  20. red.tullips said:

    i think its that they watch to many TV and think that all girls are like those Hollywood actors. TV,TV,TV. not all men think like that,but i would say most do.

    edit, ranoush , some man really dont care, some actually find healthy women more attractive then thin women.

  21. TEAЯS Nafeez said:

    A fat wife looks fat, not good looking and unhealthy
    A thin wife looks thin, good looking and healthy.

    There is no advantage of marrying a fat women, everything which happens from her to her husband would be a disadvantage… lol

    @ Ranoush: I had to speak the truth cus of you… lol

    @ ܓܨ: Your correct, even i thought to say that… lol
    Anyways mate, check your email…

  22. imkevlar (boycott ignorance) said:

    “What is a difference between a fat wife and a thin wife”

    Ans: about 4 kids.

  23. ܓܨ said:

    A fat women sweats allot, has bad breath, snores allot, fart’s allot, fall asleep allot in my personal opinion i dont like fat womans.

  24. Butterfly said:

    In some cases it really depends on personal taste. Most men who have fatter women know they are extremely passionate and sensual. My first husband was only interested in larger women. After our divorce he dated a slimmer woman and was not at all satisfied. My current husband only dated slimmer women. He fell in love with me because of my personality, characteristics, way of thinking, etc. I am the only fat woman he has ever been with and he loves it. We take long walks together, we go to the beach together, we do many activities together. As for what I said about fat women being extremely passionate and sensual my husband learned that first hand.

  25. K said:

    Luwaylas answer is right.

  26. marvelousmaiden said:

    There’s an old saying,”A fat wife and a full barn never did a man any harm”

  27. Ismail Eliat said:

    A fat wife suits for a fat man and a thin wife is for a thinman. Think of a fat wife walking with a thin husband and vise versa. They don’t match in looks but after all their love and life depends upon their hearts how they love one another. Both are advantageous unless a woman is useless.

  28. . said:

    u get to hit a thin wife but from a fat u get s…….. every once in a while

  29. Himena said:

    i don’t think there is any difference

  30. Sheikh Yasin said:

    Well like everyone else is saying it really does not matter it depends how devoted they are to ALLAH (swt)

  31. deepak khana said:

    moti wife ko to bhayankar chodu ki uski chut dard hone laggaye aur bobe chuso achi tarah gand mar do yar


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