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What does it mean if a warranty says 10 years parts and labor warranty?

I bought our heat pump in 2004 and now it’s broke and I need to know what I am responsible for paying. Thanks for your help.
The man who installed it is no longer in business. So I called a dealer that was on the website and he said I had to pay him his fee of $75 an hour. He said that the warranty did not cover this.

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8 Responses to “What does it mean if a warranty says 10 years parts and labor warranty?”

  1. dusty8940 said:

    It means the parts to fix it and the labor costs associated with the repairs. Check your warranty

  2. pickmefirstplz said:

    they will pay for parts and the labor to put the part in for 10years from the date you bought it

  3. gabuilder said:

    This means any parts that fail and the labor to install new parts is paid by the MFG. of the heat pump. Call the original installer if possible. otherwise find an authorized dealer for your unit.

    You should not have to pay anything.

  4. Rich Z said:

    In general that means that they will come and fix it including showing up to replace the parts without you paying anything.

    However there is a big BUT to that. Typically if you read the warranty carefully it will have limitations unless it says something rare like “Lifetime replacement warranty on all parts and labor.” More likely it will name some expensive parts and warrant only them (like “ten years on compressor only”). Call before you have someone come out there because the usual warranties are full of nasty holes that make them nowhere near as useful as you would think they should be.

  5. Jon said:

    A lot of times when a warranty states that it covers parts and labor for a specific amount of time it is referring to manufacturing malfunctions. Meaning that if it is a part that should not break within the 10 year period they will pay for the repair and/or replacement. What it does not cover are parts that will constitute normal wear and tear. If you know the problem that you are having with your heat pump (a licensed contractor has told you the problem) you can just ask your manufacturer if it is covered under the warranty. Usually things that will be covered are very expensive major parts, like a compressor or blower, and the labor that it will cost to replace the part, however not to discourage you some parts will not be covered like a gas valve or certain electrical components but the cost may be pricey because of the labor involved in installing it.

  6. M M T said:

    What parts and labor means is that the warranty covers only the parts and the labor to correct the issue. Not the service call, not the mileage, only the parts and labor.

    You will end up paying the service call.

  7. f100_supersabre said:

    Warrantys USUALLY cover parts and labor for different amounts of time, or only cover certain items completely, but IF what you wrote is correct then:

    Find another dealer AND complain to the company.
    He is LYING.
    Parts and labor means JUST THAT; the parts AND the labor cost, (his $75 per hour.)

    The company SHOULD be told and MAY revoke his “franchise” to work on their equipment, AND THEY SHOULD.
    He is ripping people off.
    I would bet money HE is collecting from BOTH the customer and the company on warranty work.

  8. john said:

    If your unit is a Trane, call a Trane dealer. If it’s a Lennox, call a Lennox dealer. The warranty is probably limited. By this time, the compressor is likely the only thing covered. Which is good, since that is about the most expensive repair. Read the details of your warranty.


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