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What are your opinions about USF and UCF?

Okay take a vote! I want to know what you think about UCF. and USF. Anything. I have applied to both and am torn between them so I want your opinions. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What are your opinions about USF and UCF?”

  1. Adeline said:

    USF is an undergrad school, while UCF is only a grad school. It is the only UC that only accepts grad students. so it depends what you are applying for.

  2. Michael said:

    Not sure why this is under this section…

    I am biased since I am at UCF, but trying to remain fair. It really depends on what degree you want to go after. Each university has its strong points. Look at rankings for the departments which are related to the degree you are looking at. Visit each campus.

    If you like sports UCF has newer facilities. It also depends if you live on campus or not too. UCF has some really nice dorms, but they cost more. There is also off campus housing which is cheaper.

    USF has been around a while too, and some of their departments rank higher than those at UCF, but it varies.

    So research the degree you want, and which university offers you the best option. UCF has a larger enrollment, which means more people on campus in general, and your first few classes (gen ed) will have more people in them. The positive side to that is there are more options when you want to choose a major, since the university has more students it can support a wider range of topics.

    Note: The other poster claiming USF is an undergraduate school only and UCF is a graduate school only must be confused.

  3. Luise the room renter said:

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