What are your favorite UFC fights and why?

And do you like the old UFC matches you know when it was a style vs style tournament that was no holds barred at the time? I liked all the fights I watched. I own a few UFC titles on DVD, and I’m getting UFC classics vol. 2 on DVD.

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3 Responses to “What are your favorite UFC fights and why?”

  1. Bobo said:

    except for the old ufc ( style vs style ) , the ufc is booorring.

  2. gonz said:

    Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parysian = because they showed amazing skill. I have never seen judo desplayed so well like in this fight very entertaining.

    Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson (they fought twice in PRIDE which was Japan’s version of UFC till they got bought out by the UFC) Both times they fought you could tell that they truly hated each other! Everything they threw at each other had evil intentions behind it! It was like seeing mike tyson vs mike tyson!! both fights ended in brutal fashion

    The Old UFC was cool I was a fan from the very begining but I understood that the sport needed to change it was not completely no holds barred but it was very darn close! Royce Gracie took some beatings but showed alot of heart.

  3. Ohnoplata12 said:

    Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama- It was just a brawl.Both in half clinch punching each other.nuf said
    Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben- Silva landed 100% of his strikes in that fight and made it look so easy
    Lesner vs Velasques- I was just tired of all the Lesner hype and wanted someone to just destroy him
    Matt Serra vs Kelly Dullanty- Amazing display of jiu-jitsu
    Pete Sell vs Scott Smith-one of the biggest comebacks in one moments ever

    I know the first one isnt UFC but thats one of the greatest fights ever


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