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What are the best holiday destinations in Europe to meet women?

Am planning a short break with my friends and we are all single. We’re therefore looking for your advice on a great city in Europe to visit where there is a good ratio of women to men going out in the clubs and bars. I’ve been told Prague is good but isn’t it just full of blokes on stag nights?

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7 Responses to “What are the best holiday destinations in Europe to meet women?”

  1. chewychimp said:


  2. KEN R said:

    Prague,Amsterdam,Paris or you could go to Dover and wait for the illegal sex trade women making a dash for it!

  3. Lewis J said:

    was going to say amsterdam. IN the UK bournmouth and whitney bay. Europe prague is amazing amsterdam was fab and could even try somewere like kos

  4. Basil P said:


    best bet >>Dubai

  5. Jelena L. said:

    Well you should visit than Bosnia, especially Banjaluka, where woman-man ratio is very big (much more woman) because of war and everything, plus women are very beautiful.

  6. Lorna said:

    Personaly i do not know but try Dover or Calais as you have the illegal sex trade there trying to enter the uk

  7. hutchy said:



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