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Vegetarians and Vegans do you date meat and fish eaters?

I honestly don’t care but I know some veggies don’t like to date people who eat meat or fish. If you are one of those, and you meet someone whose not vegetarian do you force them not to eat meat/become vegetarian?

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17 Responses to “Vegetarians and Vegans do you date meat and fish eaters?”

  1. C said:

    Ideally I would not…but seeing as it’s difficult to find someone who shares your dietary values and everything else, I might.

    I wouldn’t force, but I would gently try to steer them away from eating meat. I would rather date a vegetarian, yes.

    I don’t want to kiss a mouth that just had animal flesh in it, for a start.

  2. Amy said:

    Yes. It’s their choice to eat what they want.

  3. Sawyer said:

    I honestly don’t know one vegetarian who’s significant other is vegetarian also.

  4. double shot espresso said:

    I would, honestly, much rather date someone who had somewhat similar values as I do when it comes to food. I’m vegan, so if they were at least vegetarian, I’d be thrilled.
    But, don’t get me wrong, if I end up liking someone who isn’t a veg’n, I have no problem with it, I’d date them.

    What I hate is that I’ve dated meat eaters who disrespect my dietary choices completely.
    I had one guy say “But you were raised on meat right? …. Ahh, I’ll sneak it in somehow and you probably won’t even notice.”
    I had no words for that.

    As for the other part of your question, no, I would never force my beliefs on anyone. If they take an interest and ask about it, I’d be very willing to explain, share my experiences pertaining to veganism, show them information and resources, etc. The best way to cause change is to be a great example, never through force.

    Hero: Yeah, I definitely said bye to him and was out the door in a flash. No one needs that kind of disrespect. Lol

  5. Slinky said:

    My lover eats meat but told me he thinks its really cute when girls are vegetarian…which is nice I guess. He is totally respectful of my decision not to and is down to explore new veggie foods. He really loves eggplant now. He also likes to make jokes about hotdog omelets.

  6. herowithgreeneyesandbluejeans said:

    The thing is, if someone is at least vegetarian it says something about them. Of course there was a time I ate meat so how can I judge but to be a vegetarian, this tells me she is evolving in the direction I am and that’s a big part of compatiility.

    As is regards to another post, if somebody told me they would sneak in it ect….bye bye. If I can’t trust you, there’s no room in my life for you.

  7. chattyroxu said:

    Who cares?? My boyfriend eats meat, and I’m like, cool, thats totally fine.

  8. Vanilla Bear said:

    It wouldn’t be a preference, but yes. As long as she respected my beliefs. I certainly wouldn’t dream of forcing my beliefs on someone else.

  9. Klaadya said:

    No, I don’t, because discrimination is a great thing and we should all practice it. I mean, I honestly could never date out of my race, my religion, my ethnicity, or out of my skin color.

  10. partylikeapiggy said:

    My boyfriend is a “meateater.” Its his choice and I’m not going to stop him from eating meat. We’ve accepted each other. And anyone whos a vegetarian or vegan that DOESNT date meat/fish eaters BECAUSE they’re meat/fish eaters, that is pretty low. Its all about accepting each other for who they are, not changing them to be what YOU want. A past boyfriend of mine tried to make me eat meat and almost shoved it down my mouth. That was NOT cool.

  11. 'šcúšε mε wнιℓε ι ķίşş thé sкÿ said:

    that is a dumb reason to hate someone.

    i could date a guy who was a meat eater…just as long as he didn’t try to push it on me and i wouldn’t push my lifestyle on him.
    i life with meat eaters.

  12. A Fine and Pleasant Misery II said:

    Well as a meat eater, and a hunter, there is noway I would date a Vegetarian or Vegan, even if I did I am sure she would not like all the deer mounts I have hanging on my wall

  13. Rae said:

    Yes I’d date someone that wasn’t a vegetarian/ vegan. As most everyone else said, I wouldn’t try to push my lifestyle on anyone else.

  14. cheshie! ♥ said:

    My boyfriend now is not vegetarian and I wouldn’t give him up over something like diet. However, he does plan on going vegetarian, not only because I would be more comfortable with it, but also because it is something he wants to do. So it is not so much a problem for me, seeing as by the time we live together we will both be vegetarian and that’s when it is really important.

  15. Jolie Burtle said:

    This will help you

  16. Rachel Minkov said:

    Seeing as veganism is something I highly value and believe in, i’m unlikely to date someone who has differing core values and beliefs from my own. I have lots of non-vegan friends, but dating is different, for me.

  17. Joanie Pony said:

    I don’t care as long as they are a quality person. I let them know up front that I am a vegetarian so they won’t be surprised when we dine out. I don’t make a big deal out of it.


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