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To people who are socially liberal and economically conservative?

What exactly are your views? I think that label might apply to me but I want to get more facts.
I’m not trying to label myself to only vote for certain things, it’s just that I’m pretty much 1/2 liberal and 1/2 conservative with a lot of small details and changes and its easier to have something that you can say.

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13 Responses to “To people who are socially liberal and economically conservative?”

  1. Squirreltakeover said:

    dont try and label yourself, labels are what make people hate eachother.

  2. Josh C said:

    I’m the complete opposite. I consider myself socially conservative and economically liberal.

    Probably means you are for gay marriage but don’t like the government.

    Libertarian would be a good descriptor but most libertarians I know tend to focus on economic issues but are silent when it comes to social issues.

  3. Sara Grace (Shortcake) said:

    That sounds like you are libertarian. Libertarians believe in freedom in both the social and economic aspects of government. Just the less government, the better.

  4. Reality has a Liberal bias said:

    Labeling yourself accomplishes nothing.

  5. New Barack Panther said:

    That’s libertarian by definition.

  6. El Tecolote said:

    There’s no such thing.

    Liberals want to believe conservatives hate gays, welfare recipients and people of basically any color other than white, but when they find out they’re full of sh!t on all that, they have to come up with this notion that there are people who are “socially liberal and economically conservative.”

    Basically, it’s attitudinally projected garbage and it is a dog that will not hunt, no matter how creative liberals try to be with it.

  7. Lodar of the Hill People said:

    Modern liberalism only works by giving government more political and financial power, so I think the two terms are mutually exclusive.

  8. Mathmajor Pi said:

    I am pro-choice fiscal conservative, small government is best and the health care bill is a monstrosity that will ruin care for everyone.
    Being gay is normal for about 10% of the population, but marriage is for one man and one woman.
    The Constitution should be preserved.
    Redistribution of weath will ruin this country.

  9. §§pecial Unicorn™ said:

    Agree with the first person, don’t label yourself. No need to fit into a neat little box. Not every conservative or Republican is the same, Democrat or liberal either. But if you want to see where you fit ideologically the most–that viewpoint is closest to Libertarian. The belief that a small government is needed, and they need to stay out of social issues and not spend—whether it be tax and spend or just spend.

  10. Liberty's Friend said:

    I’m with lodar on that!!

  11. Miss No Name said:

    I don’t believe in labels, and I follow nobody. I believe in making up my mind.
    I believe in fair taxes, a social safety net (unemployment) and a balanced budget.
    I don’t like family unfriendly tax schemes like VAT and flat taxes.
    I believe the govt should handle my hard earned money (that it takes) with respect.
    I believe most social programs should belong to the states, and the states should have more of
    a part in lawmaking. In other words, I want a smaller federal govt.
    I believe in gay rights, and the least govt intrusion in the people’s lives the better.

  12. Sugar Tease said:

    I believe millions of Americans believe in social and economic freedom.
    Prostitution, drugs, marriage, fiat money, income tax are all things the government shouldn’t be doing.

    Bottom line is if you ever have any doubt about a political issue, remember that it’s always easier to support the side that requires less government and laws and taxes and subsidies.

  13. Glenjared Beckougher said:


    “Neoliberalism describes a market-driven[1] approach to economic and social policy based on neoclassical theories of economics that stresses the efficiency of private enterprise, liberalized trade and relatively open markets, and therefore seeks to maximize the role of the private sector in determining the political and economic priorities of the state….”


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