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the difference between SCORPIO and PISCES eyes?

both have very magnetic eyes..but how can u tell the difference? and whose eyes you think is better?

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7 Responses to “the difference between SCORPIO and PISCES eyes?”

  1. ♫ℛℴñdℴ♫ said:

    Pisces have sensitive eye’s they look kinda mellow and calm but they are Big saying that they are easy going people with a big heart.

    Scorpio -s Tense and Pierce showing that they are Intimidating and wll only choose REAL people as there friends.

  2. Anja said:

    Pisces eyes are dreamy
    Scorpio eyes are intense abit similar to cancer’s.

  3. MELLOW LOVER said:

    Scorpios eyes are sexy, and Pisces eyes are dreamy

  4. mhiaa said:

    Easiest way to explain is Scorpio eyes looks like they could bore a hole through your soul, whereas Pisces looks totally clueless and innocent no matter how deceptive they may be. With a Scorpio, what you see is what you get. Pisces is like a chameleon, changing to whatever is convenient at the moment.

  5. »ᵜ ₳ↄạ∂ὶἄ ¶« said:

    I think pisces eyes are more liquid like, while Scorpio are more like pellets or sharper.

  6. jennifer garcia said:

    yea i think pieces eyes are more like calming and soft looking and scorpio eyes are cold and sharp looking lol =]

  7. Cheryl said:

    Pisces eyes are innocent and usually a pretty color and Scorpio eyes are intnse and sensual. usually also a very pretty color. i prefer Scorpio eyes. Leonardo diCaprio and Aishwarya Rai are both are Scorpios and have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.


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