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Tax question. I am a single mom, had my baby Feb 07 and I made around 18k last year, how much wil I get back?

Again, single mom, son born Feb 07, income around 18K, first child, don’t owe IRS. Also do you think I’ll be able to file them myself like I have did in the past? if you need anymore info let me know. Thanks so much.

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5 Responses to “Tax question. I am a single mom, had my baby Feb 07 and I made around 18k last year, how much wil I get back?”

  1. Serge M said:

    Yes you can file your own return. The instructions are not difficult to follow. How much refund you get back will depend on how much was withheld and the actual amount of your tax.

    If you get back a large amount it means you loaned your money to the government with no interest. It is better to bank your savings, earn interest, and wind up owing a small amount of tax.

  2. bostonianinmo said:

    Can’t say for sure. How much was withheld from your pay? That’s a critical item! And how much exactly did you earn?

    At your income, your small tax liability is wiped out by the Child Tax Credit so you’ll get back all Federal income tax withheld. You’ll also get an EIC payment of around $2,432 and about $665 in Additional Child Tax Credit. Therefore you’re looking at around $3,000 plus whatever was withheld in Federal income tax coming back to you.

  3. Judy said:

    You should be able to file your own return, but you won’t be able to use a 1040EZ and claim your baby.

    If the child lives with you and you provide more than half of the cost of maintaining the household, you can file as head of household, otherwise you’ll file as single.

    You’ll get back anything you had withheld for federal income tax, and will get an Earned Income Credit of around $2432. You might also get something for an Additional Child Tax Credit.

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