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Step mother can’t take joke, and says I’m no longer welcome to the house.?

I just stayed at my dads for the last few weeks, for my sisters wedding, having not seen my family for two years due to living in Australia, anyway before I jetted back to Oz from UK, I decided to do prank on my dad for old times sake, as staying in the house brought back child hood memories. I’m 27 now, anyway, I hid four alarm clocks in his room to go off at different times on the night I had left back to Australia, and said my goodbyes. The fourth alarm being a truck horn to go off through a timer.

Anyway, my stepmother having no sense of humour, phoned up me saying I’m a complete dick, saying that she always thought I was the cunt out of my dads children anyway, and that I’m no longer welcome back to the house I grew up in. My father won’t say anything, he pretty much is her lap dog, and says, I need to grow up.

I can’t believe he would shut his own son out just because of her.

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2 Responses to “Step mother can’t take joke, and says I’m no longer welcome to the house.?”

  1. Black* said :

    Your father is the one who needs to grow up. How can a grown man allow himself to be pushed around and be some woman’s pet? He needs to learn to stand up for what he believes in – and you need to tell him that. Also, remind him that while the alarms went off in ONE night, kicking you out of the house is forever. He needs to put that into perspective and realise your step-mom is overreacting.

    Speaking of your step-mom – don’t even bother yourself with her. She needs to get a sense of humor and a life.

  2. Tsuki said :

    Tell your dad what you think. That your stepmother is cruel and he knows it was a joke and that she needs to stop being a bitch cause IT WAS A JOKE! I bet he thought it was funny till she got pissy and ask him if hes willing to loose a son all because of a joke she didn’t like.


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