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Personalised hoodie for me and my horse?

I am getting a personalised hoody or sweatshirt for my birthday, and I want it to be something to do with my horse. But I can’t think of anything to write or how it would go. His name is Harvey, and I’m called Becca / Rebecca, and the writing can go on the front, back and sleeve. Any ideas would be so greatful! Thanks :]

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9 Responses to “Personalised hoodie for me and my horse?”

  1. Emma and Glory <3 said :

    Sounds great (: You could just have ‘Becca and Harvey’ in colorful writing on the back, and if you can you could get a picture of a horse and rider galloping or jumping printed or stitched on. Or if you can’t get a picture on it, just writing his name on the back with hearts on it or with some sort of message would be good too (: x

  2. Hanster said :

    i can’t say i’ve heard of anything like it but i love your big ideas
    try asking the companies or making one your self

  3. Blackbird said :

    How about ‘Harvey says neigh’? 😀

  4. Holly Wright said :

    Were thinking of getting these for our yard when we go showing saying team deercroft then out name and horses name.
    I think you should just get something like becca riding harvey and then a small picture of a galloping horse or a rearring horse on the front 🙂

  5. Xxahsl Fadfhn said :

    Maybe a picture of him and <3 Harvey underneath?
    Or maybe in an "I <3 NY" style it could say "I <3 Harvey" with his picture in the heart?
    Sorry, not such great ideas..but I wouldn't get something that says Becca loves Hervey or rides Harvey as people will probably think Harvey is a person and..that won't end well..

  6. izzy ♥ said :

    Someone at my stables has a hoodie with on the back a photo of her jumping her horse and her name and her horse’s name I want one soo Im going to ask her soon where she got it. So i will add the website later 🙂

  7. Claire Trotter said :

    Hi, i have a hoody sorta like this, the front is plain hot pink with ‘Claire & My last rolo’ on the back, my name at the top (Claire) and my ponies show name (my last rolo) on the bottom, in the middle i have a cartoon horse the same colours jumping.
    Hope this helps

  8. Mertie Stjulien said :

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  9. Rosann Mccampbell said :

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