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My red eared slider keeps strectching his neck and openning his mouth?

I have two red eared sliders, one of them keeps stretching his neck out and up in the air, then he( or she) opens their mouth really wide for about 2 seconds, then my turtle closes their mouth and puts their head down. Then my turtle does it again about 15 seconds later..

What does this mean?

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5 Responses to “My red eared slider keeps strectching his neck and openning his mouth?”

  1. Kristie said:

    Tired? Was it just recently eating? Might be trying to coax some food down?

  2. Bunny W said:

    well it is possibly tired so it is yawning or just squeezing food down but if it is doing it all the time that probably isn’t it. x

  3. billylulu said:

    He yawn and it is not a good sign if he constantly doing it. He might got respiratory infection. You need to put the temperature couple of degree higher and block the wind. Keep an eyes on him, if he’s not getting any better and looks tired, not eating, always sleep, start losing weight then you have to get him to the vet ASAP. Respiratory infection is a common and also deadly disease for turtles, if they don’t get treatment on the first stage.

  4. oikos said:

    As long as the turtle doesn’t make any noise while yawning, no problem. If it does, it will be time for a trip to the vet.

  5. Ava. said:

    It could be a Respitory Infection. If your turtle does this constantly on the basking area then you have a problem.


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