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My pool sand filter is set to filter and water is coming out?

My pool pump/filter is set to filter, and the water is coming out the side tube as if it were on backwash. I don’t know what to do, please help! Before my pool goes completely empty.

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3 Responses to “My pool sand filter is set to filter and water is coming out?”

  1. callipygenous said:

    Step back from the problem for a second, drink some water, then go check the valves again. Something is definitely wrong but without being there it’s hard to say what. Just calm down and look at the valves again. You’ve missed something. You could have a blown valve, I guess, but that is very rare.

  2. Studious said:

    Make sure the pump is off. Turn all the valves clockwise until they bottom out so you have them all shut off this should stop the flow of water out of the pool. If you want to add a few photos photo bucket or something I might could help you some more but that’s about all I can tell you without seeing it.

  3. Hollie from Ohio said:

    I had a similar problem once I took my filter apart for cleaning. Apparently I put it back together improperly! The rubber seal between the top and bottom half had become bunched up. However, If you haven’t messed with your filter recently, the above answerer may be correct and it could be a broken valve. Are you still under warranty? Either way – the best thing you can do at this point(especially if it is losing a *lot* of water) is to just turn the power to your pump off and contact your closest pool maintenance store. If you want to salvage your pool water for the days your pump is off, try dumping in some extra shock and get those chlorine levels high. If it does turn out to be your valve, make sure to compare the repair costs to replacing the filter… sometimes replacing is just a cheaper way to go.

    Good luck!


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