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Is the University of Houston in a bad and ghetto area?

I am interested in pharmacy and I was interested in the pharmacy at Houston, but I have been told that the school is located in a bad area. My parents are not going to allow me to attend if the school is located in a bad area, nor would I want to be.

Is it true that UH is located in a bad area?…I don’t live around Houston so I have no idea.

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8 Responses to “Is the University of Houston in a bad and ghetto area?”

  1. The Yahoo Answer Man said:

    Personally, I think the entire city of Houston is turning “ghetto”.

  2. DeMarco Tha Great said:

    That area is somewhat bad, but not entirely bad. Most of the bad stuff that happens is at night. The campus is safe and has its own patrol.

  3. Jacob said:

    well, the University of Houston collage of Pharmacy is at a location in Houston that isn’t safe at night but there is security there

  4. sweetmommy said:

    It not a good area but the campus is safe, just don’t go off campus at night. UofH has lots of students and I never hear of anything bad happening there.

  5. TinsleyM said:

    Across the Freeway from the school is where stuff usually goes down. But the campus is safe. UH is a great school, the area is not something that should stop you from going. Honestly, it’s not even THAT bad. Just don’t be alone at night. But that goes for most big cities. Plus Houston is awesome, and the whole city IS NOT turning ghetto! Don’t listen to that.

  6. Alicia A said:

    The other posters are right…UH is in a bad area but has really good security. If your parents are absolutely dead-set on the idea, you can check on some of the other campuses of UH (there’s the Downtown which might have pharm–I know the Clear Lake campus doesn’t offer it) and there’s plenty of other universities in Houston.

    UH has a lot of perks–easy access to the only good public transit system, the professional soccer games are played on the campus, and you are in a nice central location.

  7. Tedmeizster said:

    Where did you grow up?

    3rd Ward is somewhat of a old dodgy neighborhood, I’ve seen pockets where drug dealing is common but it’s nothing that should scare you but I’ve seen worst growing up in Miami and New York.

    UH campus is so what closed off from that world but not entirely, it’s like it’s own little pocket, you know? I recommend you have a vehicle to drive around once you get on I-45 you have the rest of the city at your disposal, don’t rely on public transportation and you’ll be fine.

  8. Tessa said:

    well there is 4 different UH campuses.


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