Is it possible to learn Northern Shaolin Kung Fu over the internet and from books?

I am a young man interested in learning both Tai Chi and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, but due to my debilitating illness, I am confined to my room and my house for most of my time. I simply want to know if I can learn and practice these ancient arts without leaving the safety of my home. Thank you.

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to learn Northern Shaolin Kung Fu over the internet and from books?”

  1. Decathlon2010 said:

    yes and no. you can learn them, but you will not have a teacher to make sure your doing things right. but the idea of the two arts are to clear your head and relax. so you dont have to do the moves right if your doing it for yourself!

    youtube videos on basic stances and moves so you can seel. just be slow through your moves and a book can teach you just fine!

    do them to clear your mind and relax your body!

  2. diel_delorung said:

    Despite what most would agrue against, YES you can. However, only the forms will be learned and developing bad habits can occur more easily than under supervision. You will have to pay extra attention to the exact placement of the hands, feet and eyes. Though I really dont see the point of displaying “perfect” form when these forms are less than perfect when in practical use. That’s just my opinion…as long as it works for whatever purpose its used for right.
    For its practical uses, you will need a training partner (if that is your goal)…best wishes with your training and progress.

  3. S-C said:

    You cannot properly learn a martial art just by reading books and looking at videos on the internet .
    You need to train under the supervision of an instructor so the instructor can help your progress in the martial art by correcting mistakes etc .
    Books and videos are just meant to be used as an addition to your real training

  4. Benji F said:

    Yes you can.
    Don’t listen to those who say, “no”.

    Some holds will be difficult for you to master, just because you won’t have any one regularly to practice with.

    But, read, watch, and immulate will allow to you to go throgh the motions, and thus,
    learn the forms, very well.

    Shitokai Karate-Boxing enthusiast
    (I have studied Jeet Kune Do only by reading the book, So, yes so can)

  5. Kewl Person said:

    not as well as with a teacher and a good teaching enviroment. humans are incredible because we have the ability to imitate things we see so youtube or expert village is your best bet for BASIC kung fu stances techinques stretches jabs kicks and blocks etc.we learn by imitation but your technique will always be a bit off and you may only be able to go so far..some people are able to teach themselves effectively but with something as disciplined as northern shhaolin kung fu it really takes pratice and discpiline (and we usually need someone to supply this discipline for us a teacher to motivate us).shoalin monks start there day at abou 5:00 am and run through the henan mountains with two buckets filled with water holding them straight out to the sides, jumping over creeks and climbing up hills! they train there students ALL day.they go through excruuciating pain sometimes to acgieve a desired result for YEARS. some people train for YEARS about a decade before they can have a good grip on northern kung fu style. its a broad term so its ALOT of things that are included in this style thus making the cause for so many years of training.

    You cann however at home master enough basics by using the internet if you get the right equipment and are dedicated enough. you MUST practice EVERY day to get a grip on these fighting styles..even the basics…


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