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In love with my Ex G.P. I’m back home and really hot for him….?

I’m a 30yr old female. I’ve just moved home to look after my sick mum, so i’m taking a yr out after travelling around the world since i was 20. I’ve not done any real work, just some art and a bit of modelling. Basically, i’m kind of arty, not academic. Anyhow, the local GP is 54 and i have to say he is very hot. Always running, and is in great shape for his age, a keep fit person and has lots of dogs hes always walking. Him and his wife parted company 2yrs ago. He has grown up children all left home. He now lives alone. He used to be my gp til i was 17. Basically, i’m attracted to him and at a recent event in the town, caught him looking and then looking away fast. He is very friendly to me. I just love the fact hes so into animals and to me is very sexy. I know the bar he drinks in, but i’m afraid to start going there incase i seem forward. Any idea of how to ask him out. Hes treating my mum at the moment and is very kind to me. I actually have been mastur..ting to him this past couple of nights…….i know.

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2 Responses to “In love with my Ex G.P. I’m back home and really hot for him….?”

  1. Maggie S said :

    30, world traveler, female, reasonably good looking, likes animals, doesn’t want to appear forward – why not!
    It’s the woman who gets her man.

    Go to the bar, be chatty sharing your interesting travels (being what he hasn’t been able to do), drink a coke, ask him if you can be his designated driver home.

    He’s male, been drinking, hasn’t had any for who knows how long, you are female, in control, willing and able – it is a done deal.

  2. Kels said :

    what are you waiting for? like the other answerer said its a done deal, all you have to do is try and see if you can get a conversation going together.


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