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I’m writing an argument essay defending America and it’s availability of basic services versus other countries?

I need to know WHY we have access to healthcare, WHY we have clean drinking water, WHY do we have greater opportunities for education? What brought us to acquiring these basic needs while other countries are still striving for them?
KEEP IN MIND I need to talk about how America is more advanced than other countries (and I know we technically aren’t so great about most things, such as health care) BUT I NEED TO ARGUE FOR AMERICA

Please help me out!! Thanks Much Appreciated!

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2 Responses to “I’m writing an argument essay defending America and it’s availability of basic services versus other countries?”

  1. Skeptic said:

    The opposition argument is difficult to overcome. Your opponent is likely to answer that healthcare is not available to many Americans who are in and out of employment or whose parents are working and who are negligent. The people on assistance or who are financially successful are likely to get better care than those who are the working poor. It takes time to get on entitlement programs and often marginally qualified people fall through many cracks in the system.

    The US is ranked #37 in providing healthcare services. People in France live an average of four years longer, and they enjoy universal healthcare. If you get sick in France, even if you are a visitor, your medical costs will be paid in full. Citizen may actually receive payments from the hospital to help them get back on their feet. In the US, for-profit hospitals are known to drop off indigent patients (who requiring care) at government funded facilities that have inadequate staff and other resources.

    If I were you, I’d just get out the flag and start waving it.

    Our ‘clean drinking water’ is polluted with fluoride in over half the municipalities. In Europe, over 90% of the drinking water is free of added fluoride.

    We have opportunities for education for those with the money to pay for tuition. Scholarship money is drying up.

    Get a big flag and practice waving it.

  2. Giovanna Keever said:

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