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If you were a wrestler, would you be a heel or face and why?

I’d be a heel because I believe heels are more dominant and I’ve always liked heels alot more than faces.

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17 Responses to “If you were a wrestler, would you be a heel or face and why?”

  1. The guy behind you said:

    Heel so i can belt the **** out of John Cena and be ally with Miz
    Face so i can belt the **** out of CM Punk and be ally with JoMo

  2. Windy M said:

    Heels have more freedom to do things because if you are a face you have to be nice all the time to stay as face whereas a heel does whatever he wants

  3. The Machine said:


    Everyone says that I am a nice guy and can be trusted and is always friendly. They always say that I stay out of trouble and try my best in everything.

  4. Live Events said:

    I would be a heel because i think its easier to make fans hate you than love you.

  5. The Great One said:

    Heel for sure Triple h style

  6. Geronimo™ said:

    im not going to follow everyone else im going to fight for the fans!

  7. DARK LORD said:

    Heel cause i love evil in anything. And most importantly, i am the Dark Lord.

  8. George said:

    HEEL…and be a leader of a dominant factions like the NWO back in the old days and Evolution. HEELs makes FACEs good to watch.

  9. Alberto Del Rio said:


    For sure.

  10. WeaverOfNightmare™ said:

    I’d be a heel, because I enjoy heels more than faces. I would probably have some similarities with Chris Jericho’s arrogance, Randy Orton’s slithering and unpredictability, and Stone Cold’s hell raising/”give a f*ck” attitude.

  11. The ORIGINAL Mizfit (Mizfit Soceity) said:

    Im actually pretty much agreed with you. Faces are just tooo Babyface these days(Cena) While heels continue to be truly evil and hated. Plus you have a better chance of gettin g a reaction if you are a heel

  12. Broken Dreams said:

    I’d let the fans decide. Start off as a face, if they like me I’ll stay a face.
    If they turn on me, I become a heel.
    Being a heel isn’t any more advantageous then being a face, if you have meaning to your character and a story that fans relate to you will always be over.
    Someone can turn heel and fans still wouldn’t care, or be a heel and still not be over.
    It’s all about character development and their story, it’s all about fans identifying with the wrestler and the wrestler working around the fans reactions. Chris Jericho is the ultimate example.

  13. 2D said:


  14. GAMER 7 said:

    I’ll be something unique. Like the undertaker, for example. Heel or face, he mostly has many fans behind him. He wasn’t even booed on his wwf debut although, he was part of the million dollar man, ted dibiase’s team. There were more oohs and aaahhhs from the crowd.

  15. Kyla the Future WWE Diva said:

    I would try becoming a face,because when I step out on
    that stage,I would want people to support me.

  16. iiLuvWWE said:

    the heels are more dominant but the fans dont like them.
    but i would rather be face because i would do better w. the help of the audience

  17. Ferber Ferbie said:

    They have more freedom on the mic to say stuff to piss people off.
    They get to beat up on people.
    They are dominating.
    They get known faster than faces.


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