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If you buy a green bell pepper, and it changes color what’s wrong?

You know when you go to the store they have the different color vegetables. My mom bought a green bell pepper. When she bought it home it was green. And then like a week later it was a yellowish orange color. What does that mean. Is it something wrong with it. It was in a bag by itself.

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5 Responses to “If you buy a green bell pepper, and it changes color what’s wrong?”

  1. Mary M said :

    Nothing’s wrong with it. That tends to happen with age.

  2. barbara said :

    Green bell peppers are just that-green. If left on the plant to ripen they turn into colored peppers. Sometimes it happens anyway.

  3. Rocker Girl said :

    That means that it is getting old DUH!

  4. Bro. N.S. Jack Ruby said :

    Green, yellow, orange, and red bell peppers are all the same. The difference comes from how ripe they are picked. Green peppers are less ripe than red bell peppers. Your green pepper turning yellow just means it is continuing to ripen, it will eat just fine.

  5. CiNdYLou said :

    nothing, its getting riper


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