If a girl is into tickling and she keeps going for my balls and laughs when I laugh, is she weird or me?

I have a girlfriend that tickles my balls and she feels like when I start laughing, she feels like she’s controlling me and she laughs a devilish laugh and really gets off getting me by the balls. Girls like this are wierd to me. I feel turned on but they frighten me. Email me if you are MINA. I wanna talk.

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11 Responses to “If a girl is into tickling and she keeps going for my balls and laughs when I laugh, is she weird or me?”

  1. Mr. Mumbles is the Man. said:

    You’re actually frightening me right now.

  2. SS said:

    Mina? …just tell her you your not into that. She’ll stop, girls respect that and be happy.

  3. Syd The Kid said:

    WTF I really hope you mina other wise you F*cking wierd.
    but I think your weird if it’s a turn on it’s a turn on leave it be and be tickled

  4. makswf said:


  5. Caroline said:

    hahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahha man enjoy wat u gottttt

  6. !LeNy! said:

    That does sound..umm.. STRANGE?!
    haha you like it but you are scared?
    in a way you are both weird, no offense. you for thinking its hot but scary and her for making it akward and scary…

  7. Dudders said:

    If it turns you on, then why are you complaining?

  8. WHY? said:

    She is a devil, hope shes sexy, if she is then its not weird.

    Answer mines please.


  9. Fdsfds F said:

    perfect. Most girls would no do that, but hey if she is that cool, let her do that.
    One more thing: If she is ugly looking, then it is weird, sucks and u should get away from her.
    If she is a chick, has great looks than perfect. tickle all u want.

    my experience: only ugly girls do tickle weird. pretty girls are too cool for that. they do not do that.

    I think she looks ugly. what u think ?

  10. Betty said:

    Just a thought for ya…..if she’s this way now, imagine how she will be later!

  11. giggledude said:

    Well, we can go all the way back to Gawain and the Green Knight for an example of women liking to rule over men, and your case provides a sterling example of exactly that. I don’t think she’ll do anything too untoward to you – after all, she would lose by such an action as much as you would. A devilish laugh is not too bad. Done well, it can enhance the tickling experience rather nicely as an additional taunt. What is incredibly annoying is when a tickler laughs a lot and has an infantile laugh. Nothing can ruin a good tickle scene so quickly.


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