I want to volunteer abroad and work with wildlife?

which is the best way I can go about this? I have been looking at websites like volunteeradventures.com and responsibletravel.com but how can I tell if they are legit websites that will give me what they say they will?

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10 Responses to “I want to volunteer abroad and work with wildlife?”

  1. imrivas05 said:

    ill volunteer… wat do i do???

  2. godofmarsrblpriest said:

    Peacecorps might have a program if you are within the age restrictions. and if you want immediate action.
    two years in biology might qualify for for internships in the forestry field, I know there are special classes for marine biology. but that has to be 2-4 years of college and degree.

  3. Bubbles said:

    if that doesn’t seem to be working for you on the internet, in yur phone book in the yellow pages, there should be something listed under warden services. That would be my first starting point. I would make a call and ask the questions. There they should be able to direct you in the appropriate manner. Good luck to you. It’s nice to see someone has interest in the wildlfe. I am a huge sponser and advocate of wildlife. Take care.

  4. paintedrain2 said:

    Why not start local? Volunteer with your local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. They’ll probably have access to legit travelling volunteer work, as well.

  5. Hollynfaith said:

    Call up Steve Erwin’s boss, I hear there’s a job opening.

  6. NeonLoveChicken said:

    Stay at home and volunteer. It’s cheaper & much safer

  7. ana said:

    Have you checked out Greenpeace? They are always looking for volunteers to get involved in their work. Their website is http://www.greenpeace.com
    Good luck!!

  8. Cultural Embrace said:

    Hey! Not to sound like a sleazy salesman, but our company can definitely help arrange volunteer opportunities to work with wildlife.

    We have a conservation project in South Africa (http://www.culturalembrace.com/2968295_24622.htm). There volunteer activities include elephant interactions at the elephant sanctuary, animal rehabilitation, lion cub rearing, bush walks with species identification/tracking, monitoring bird numbers and breeding, game capture/release, and environmental lectures.

    You can also volunteer in Latin America (http://www.culturalembrace.com/2968317_24622.htm). There, sample projects include sea turtle and bird conservation in Costa Rica and marine conservation in Ecuador.

    We also have a Panda Program in China (http://www.culturalembrace.com/3135725_24622.htm).

    Basically, there are a lot of opportunities, and if any of those sound appealing to you, you should definitely contact us at [email protected].

  9. Tam said:

    I used to work at this company called Cultural Embrace (www.culturalembrace.com) and I know they have wildlife projects in South Africa, China, and Latin America. Some of our participants got to work with pandas!

  10. Tam said:

    I used to work at this company called Cultural Embrace (http://www.culturalembrace.com/) and they had wildlife conservation projects in China, Latin America, and South Africa.


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