I studied how both the Torah and the Bible was written. So why am I completely in disbelief?

Why do you beleive this stuff any more than any other mythology and folklore. I enjoy it just like Greek mythology but do not take it as the work of God. Do you? If so is it just a leap of faith like Kierkegaaurdand the theologians and mythology scholars.Interesting historical aritifacts but do you really choose to make that leap of faith and what is the point?

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18 Responses to “I studied how both the Torah and the Bible was written. So why am I completely in disbelief?”

  1. Brian said:

    And what’s sad is that Christianity is nothing more than a melting pot of various myths from more ancient religions.

  2. EddieJ said:

    I don’t believe it, but when a child is indoctrinated and surrounded by people who reinforce the belief, it can be hard to break free. Some may be incapable of understanding science, so they don’t see a real alternative. Some buy into Pascal’s wager, not realizing how flawed it is.

  3. Defender said:

    Because these things are apprehended by the Spirit, and the carnal man cannot receive them.

    And your spirit is dead. It’s not a black dog and a white dog struggling inside you, it’s a corpse. You can’t save yourself.

  4. [email protected] said:

    I don’t see it as being the one thing to believe in. I believe in myself and others. I don’t believe in a single higher power. People make their own decisions no matter how many times they say that “God told them to”. If you like Greek and Christianity myths, check out Shamanism or Celtic. Those are interesting in the same way. 😉 If people say that there is only God who keeps us alive and healthy, then I say BS. Especially when a religion is pushed onto me. Don’t take crap from people. Make your own opinion on beliefs.

    Ok. I capitalized God out of respect because God is a name of a person. I capitalized it the same way I would capitalize Jack, Jill, and even Zeus. I don’t find a reason to capitalize so many more words just because they are associated with the Bible or a religion. This is not a personal attack by any means. Just a note of what I have noticed over the last nine years being a catholic.

  5. -emi- said:

    Jesus said “those who have ears to hear, let them hear”…

    Some people will study and hear the Word preached to them… but they will never understand or believe.

  6. locksyth said:

    Odin laughs at your wasted study time.

  7. XY GTHO said:

    If you approach it as merely an artifact of a age-old religion, of course you won’t believe.

    There are myriad Biblical scholars who scoff at the very idea that Christ was God Incarnate.

    As another fellow on here already said, belief does not come though merely reading the text.

  8. i aint know said:

    Well truth is that myth doesn’t ever say it happened ..Stories that were written as stories for entertainment as mythology are VERY different than recorded historical events .

  9. Ben Yeshua said:

    It’s a question of heart disease, Media Man:

    You see, Spiritual things are spiritually discerned; that’s why Jesus chose fishermen rather then the educated to be His followers.

    with Spiritual discernment you can see that the wound in Adam’s side pointed to Christ’s wounded side; and Abraham’s sacrifice at Mt. Moriah would point to Christ’s sacrifice on the same mountain,, etcetera.

    But if you are willing to humble your heart like a child (as Christ taught), then break the Bible code that unfolds God’s plan to save this planet: http://abiblecode.com

    Ben Yeshua

  10. Peter said:

    Amazing. really I know so many beliefs here.
    yet its the unbelief of the people that make believing, prayer hinderances more recognizable to the obvious.
    After at time when we keep the commands and law of G-d he hears us and we may bind unbelief, heathenism and unclean spirits too.
    We should not be limited to accepting a joining to the world.
    We break the strongholds.
    So Torah keepers and Torah keepers in Messiah Yahshua should have peace and joy and be blessed to seek the Lord and his righteousness.

  11. Goodfor52 said:

    If you studied with people who are lost you can’t be anything but lost. Come into the light then you may find truth and therefore you will be satisfied. Let your light shine before men

    “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

    Truth is simple like a K.I. S.S. lies take alot of explaining or confusion because that is exactly what they are a bunch of confusing Babel.

  12. seta290 said:

    i personally don’t take it as the work of god the first time i heard of religion on anything other than my t.v and was presented with a bible and told to believe in god and Christ and began to read the bible i got through the creation part and just couldn’t stop laughing at what i though was a massive joke on this other persons part. i think i died a little inside for the hope of humanity when i heard people believed this stuff as truth without question or reason. i was 8 and could tell the difference between fantasy and reality? why can’t people in there 20s and up do the same.

  13. Rico JPA said:

    Yes, and no.

    I’ve read both, and some vedas, some eddas, some sutras, good ol’ Soren’s Fear and Trembling, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, among much other literature, both sacred and profane.

    After a time, it goes beyond just enjoying comparative mythology and a detached historical or sociological point of view. After a time, I started to wonder if there works weren’t inspired. Not by “God” as such, but by the human collective consciousness. And can’t they teach us more about ourselves and the reverence we should have for our imaginative psyche than we can get from a mere clinician’s point of view.

    I’ve been enthralled by considering the implications of the binding of Isaac. Not wowed by Abraham’s show of faith, nor appalled by God’s seeming contradictions nor Abe’s seeming coldbloodedness in having Isaac cut his own kindling for the burnt sacrifice he’s about to become. But when I looked deeper and apply the philosophies, psychologies, and literary analysis techniques I’ve drawn from other reading, I began to see an exquisitely told drama that elucidates the conflicts Plato takes an entire (somewhat boring) dialog to explore (Euthyphro). And there were more breathtaking surprises around every corner.

    It saddens me that there are people who don’t understand the value of sacred literature, and look to it for the pat answers they’ve been told it supplies, rather than the marvelous questions it can cause us to ask. I get sad when I think of preisthoods forming to ossify what should be living, vibrant words. But then I think of the words of William Blake from his “Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, and rest easier knowing there’ve always been people who can shine a light on the truths contained in our heritage documents.

    “The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.
    And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity;
    Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav’d the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects: thus began Priesthood;
    Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.
    And at length they pronounc’d that the Gods had order’d such things.
    Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.”

  14. Mia said:

    People think it is so hard to believe to be true, because it’s so impossible. A God that has always been, not created and cannot be destroyed. That’s impossible from our knowledge. But we have to realize that just because we don’t know how something works, it’s not possible.
    It’s hard to realize something bigger than us, but if you accept it you can believe it.

  15. Shroomie said:

    The bible is backed up by many many historical facts. It refers to real places and tells about the life of Jesus. No other book claims to have the Son of God come to earth, die, and rise again. The point of making a leap of faith to believe in the bible has to do with your understanding of eternity and where you will be. The bible says that if you believe that Jesus was the son of God and that he died for your sins, you will have eternal life. I remember a time when the bible was just a bunch of stories to me, but today I know it as the living Word of God, a practical book of guidance, and a way to know exactly who God is and how he wants me to live my life.

  16. sport billy said:

    All throughout the Hebrew scriptures , the creator revealed himself to His servants , adam , noah , moses , and all the prophets , He spoke to them and gave them proof of His existence , just as He did for Abraham , and also for me. If He does not reveal Himself to you my friend , then you would be well within your rights not to believe in Him. Keep your heart (not your eyes) wide open and seek Him out , ask Him to reveal Himself to you , then wait , surely He will give you a reason to believe in Him. No righteous man has ever believed in The creator and not known Him.

  17. Winstin said:

    I dont worry to much about it.You just did more than most Christians most people in religions might as well be in a gang.Alot of them dont know why they do what they do Or any history or anything about it. Its fine not to believe in that stuff because remember before “God” there were gods and what happend to them?that was the old way of explaining the unexplainable now we know its a sun which is a “star” not a god.Science is proof,you have faith you just put it in different places.

  18. Shawnna Fuents said:

    Good info. I am grateful I discovered your blog by chance. I have saved as a favorite for later!


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