I have broad shoulders and a large bust. How can I minimize my shoulders- I look like a linebacker!?

I have also gained weight and I carry everything in my bust, tummy and broad shoulders. I hate it. Help?

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8 Responses to “I have broad shoulders and a large bust. How can I minimize my shoulders- I look like a linebacker!?”

  1. Stef said:

    stop the fitness and the proteins.lol what a q

  2. llllllllllllllllll said:

    clothes cant hide much. tho im sure alot is in ur head, you probly are not unattractive. cardio and better eating habbits are your best bet. its a lifestyle change, not a diet. see professional.

  3. Dr Melissa said:

    V necks. NO turtle necks. NO high cut shirts or dresses. Wear v necks with chunky necklaces to keep the attention up towards your face and not your bust. You also need to lose weight if you feel you look like a linebacker. Good luck!

  4. ridinon28s said:

    wear verticle stripes and heels it will make you look narrower and taller

  5. Jenna said:

    oh my god these people are so friggin mean?! i don’t know what they are doing on the answer forum, they are supposed to be helping people. a lot of people have this body type. it’s called an inverted triangle. V-necks are good for you!

    here’s a site that goes more in detail:

    and don’t hate it, everyone is different, that’s what’s beautiful!

  6. M G said:

    Raglan sleeves. It is very flattering, plus more roomy in the shoulders. Shirts, sweaters, whatever tops you can find. Try to find a nonbulk sweater with raglan sleeves, and you should be able to find some t-neck, etc. Here are a couple examples, although not necessary the most desireable.



  7. l^^^l said:

    wow its really good 2 have broad shoulders!i just love it!

  8. jaynee said:

    this did not answer my question. I have this body type. I suppose I’m in proportion. but having a large bust broad shoulders and back fat, ruins the look of clothes I put on. I don’t want to look frumpy at 53.


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