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How was manchester before 1990 and how is it still the same today?

How was manchester before 1990 and how is it still the same today?

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6 Responses to “How was manchester before 1990 and how is it still the same today?”

  1. J.Hilton said:

    Sometime in the 1990 the IRA bombed it, it was just old fishing docks and old buildings, now its all nightlife and clubs. At least I think, I was only about 3 when it happened.

  2. Bob said:

    By the beginning of the 1990s it was a pretty run down city. Even the Queen (who isn’t meant to voice such opinions) said it wasn’t a very nice place.

    The awarding of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in the mid nineties and the 1996 IRA bombing provided a massive stimulus to regenerate the city.

    It would be entirely fair to say that there are significant areas of the city that someone who last visited 10-20 years ago would not recognise because they have changed so much.

  3. xx said:

    a lot of students so it was quite lively!

  4. mongoose183 said:

    In 1990 it was a shithole, but the whole Madchester scene was in full swing, so at least it was a lively shithole. The Bullring was still standing in Hulme, which at that time was officially the worst place in Britain. A lot of Mancs (me included) joke that the 1996 IRA bomb caused hundreds of millions of pounds worth of improvements when it went off, because the horrendous 60’s concrete monstrosities around it (the RSA building, the old Marks & Sparks) had to be demolished; shame the Arndale was salvageable.
    Today it’s a lot nicer, at least in the city centre. Piccadilly Gardens has been reworked, though it’s still a magnet for lowlifes. Deansgate Locks & Castlefield are a million times nicer than they were, and the sheer number of apartment developments in the last 10-12 years has been mind boggling. The 1992 MetroLink tram system was a plus, as was the redevelopment of Spinningfields.
    I live in Toronto these days, and though it’s always nice to pop back to Manchester for a visit, I’m always glad to leave.

  5. notbrainwashed said:

    the whole ‘madchester’ scene kicked off around 89-90ish, afflecks palace, the hacienda, raves etc.. lots of great bands, happy mondays, stone roses, inspiral carpets, charlatans, crazy clothes and hair – I was 16, it was ace – “twisting my melon man “

  6. TSK said:

    The bomb was in 1996 not 90! It is a much better place now as regards shopping etc. It was still a pretty great place, back then, and on the up. The bomb did do the centre a bit of a favour , but I miss the old Corn Exchange with the stalls. The Triangle shopping centre as it now is, is boring and half empty.


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