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How to get rid of pins and needles from my foot!?

Not real pins and needles before anyone says “take them out”
you know the feeling in your foot i’m getting it quite a bit lately and its soooooo painful.

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6 Responses to “How to get rid of pins and needles from my foot!?”

  1. Thomas Manion said :

    stomp on the ground really hard so they come out the other side of ur foot

  2. Katie Owen said :

    Put your foot on a really cold suface. Then take it off and then put it back on again.
    After four times of repeating this….the pain may be gone….like magic 😉

  3. DzplyNmz said :

    morphine, it works like a charm

  4. Mike said :

    Pins and needles are caused by nerve problems, or by lack of blood flow to the area.

    If you get pins and needles continuously or very often in one area, you need to see your doctor about it. It could be signs of a bigger problem which needs attention.

    If it’s only occasionally, then it’s probably no big deal. Try changing the position of your foot, changing shoes, or just giving it a bit of a rest.

  5. EdwardK said :

    I suggest you visit a doctor. Pins & needles sensations in your feet are a common side of effect of nerve damage caused by diabetes or other neurological conditions.

  6. Vivian Kaminaka said :

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  7. dessous chics said :

    Hummm êtes vous sûr de ce que vous affirmez ??


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