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How to come out to the world as gay on facebook?

In short, I’m 14 in year 10/10th grade and have finally garnered enough courage to be truthful about my sexuality. I’ve came out to the majority of my family and close friends and a few casual. So like any modern teenager, I’m going do come out openly to the world via facebook, any ideas? how?

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9 Responses to “How to come out to the world as gay on facebook?”

  1. dougieb1968 said :

    You can put ‘gay’ in your preferences of your profile.
    Or looking for a man rather than friends, assuming you’re male..

  2. Olivia Skylar said :

    Put up a video of yourself called : “I gotta talk to you about something important”

  3. livewire9 said :

    check the box…

  4. Jeruhme93 said :

    by changing your info part to Interested in Men. now everybody that sees your page will know.
    any other way can get annoying & makes it sound like your looking for attention.

  5. Jadzbian said :

    Interested in: Men

  6. robotninjasoldier said :

    Wait did you just say that the world is as gay as facebook. Slap yourself you homo.

  7. Blame it on the Girls said :

    Change your interested to: men, on your information. Write a status or something about it..

  8. Reptile said :

    Just put interested in: Men. That’s what I did and noone gave a shit. (: [in a good way]. People just roll with it now.

  9. Scobill said :

    Seeing that you have already told those closest to you then making an announcement on Facebook is ok .. Just put in something like “For all those out there who don’t already know I am Gay ” I hope it doesn’t bring you any negative reactions . Goon on you for telling your family at such a young age , very brave


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