How should i tell my bestfriend that shes mean and i dont want to be bestfriends with her anymore?

I’ve been bestfriends with this girl for 6 years now, but im finally realizing how mean she is

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6 Responses to “How should i tell my bestfriend that shes mean and i dont want to be bestfriends with her anymore?”

  1. Florida man said:

    Tell her that she’s a bitch then walk away haha!

  2. Kevin said:

    If you want to be blunt and abrupt, I’d start with “You’re mean, and I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.”

    If you want to be polite and civil about it, that’d require more background about the person than I’d want to get into. I’d ask people around you used to the situation that you trust and respect in that case.

  3. Erin said:

    I went through this situtation with one of my best friends a couple of months ago.
    Personally, I just sat her down and had a long talk with her about it, as long as you don’t blow up in her face and remain calm and collected it should go ok.
    If you don’t want to tell her to her face just tell her on facebook in a message or something.
    Being completely honest makes it easier in these situations.

  4. minilady said:

    You can either point out to her the ways she’s being mean, as she may not realize it, or you can just distance yourself from her–for example be busy with other things when she wants to get together.

  5. Danielle said:

    i had a problem like that. i got to become friends with this girl in 3rd grade then she just started to annoy the crap out of me more then usual and started to stalk me a little and just kept acting all stuck up and snobby. so in 7th grade this is what i did to tell her i didn’t want to be friends with her. i was going to originally tell her in gym class but then i figured she would cry and tell the teacher (she did that when someone else told her they didn’t want to be friends with her). so i decided not to do it that way. so then i just texted her and told her like 3 out of the many reasons why i did not want to be friends with her. but in the end she ended up telling her parents and since are parents are friends her parents told mine and i got yelled at. i would say the more better or brave way i guess you can say would to be just tell her to her face. but the easier way but the chickens way out, like i did, is to just tell here over text. i hope all works out well.

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