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How much longer will the Wests consumers keep buying?

Themselves out of jobs?

Unemployment in the West is fuelled by consumers buying Chinese products, each one bought puts the purchaser one step nearer the Benefits Queue and like Lemmings they keep spending their way to squalor.

Is it because they are naive, or can rely on the State to feed and clothe themselves and their children when they are out of work?

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11 Responses to “How much longer will the Wests consumers keep buying?”

  1. Phoenix said :

    Americans are not buying themselves out of jobs.

    It is the liberals with the help of the unions that shut down American industry.

  2. MtoR signing up is easy said :

    It is because they blame other people about their poverty, eg the chinese or Polish , rather than look for real reasons and solutions.

    Given that a single man receiving Unemployment benefit (based on their NI contributions mind) receives barely 50 quid a week I am sure the last thing on their mind is clothes shopping

  3. Extreme American said :

    I am definitely working on this. I am constantly looking for “Made in the USA”, and put off buying a large purchase, because I knew the money would go out of the country. It is impossible to survive today without Chinese products, but we must try.

  4. Beavertailguy said :

    First they were Brand Shoppers (NIKE, A &F etc)
    then they were quality shoppers, it had to be good
    then they were value shoppers, it has to be good enough for the price
    now Americans are price shoppers, it has to be the cheapest even if it isn’t good enough.

    That is the end of American exceptionalism.

  5. The Great American Man said :

    People are just stupid, I mean these same people elected Obama…

  6. logan said :

    First on my list, buy American
    Second on my list, buy local


  7. Jacob W said :

    That is simply not true. Here is why. When a product is manufactured here, it costs much more to produce and it costs much more to buy. So, people buy a lot less of it. That means a lot of products we enjoy simply would not be available. If you know your history, when clothing was manufactured in America it was of high quality and very expensive. But most people had much smaller wardrobes than they do now and did not buy new clothes very often. You were much more likely to have your shoes repaired than buy new ones.

    A washing machine or vacuum cleaner was a major investment. Often costing several months wages. Now you can buy one for less than a week or two in wages. The same with furniture, TV sets, you name it. When I was a kid, no family I knew had more than one car.

    So, products manufactured overseas are of good quality and low cost, which raises the living standard of people in America. Even people of modest means have plenty of clothes, several TV’s, more than one car etc. If you tried to unring the bell and have everything produced here, the price would be much higher and the resulting decrease in demand would not produce more jobs. Manufacturers would probably use a lot more automation to keep costs down as well.

    But the most important issue is Environmental Regulations. There are many manufacturing processes that are simply not possible to perform in America anymore due to draconian Environmental Regulations. Especially in areas of chemical use, plating and metallurgy. Just try to get a permit to build a new oil refinery or steel mill or chemical plant.


  8. Vote Stevie O Jay said :

    Perfect question.

    They’ve keep going until threre’s nothing left.

  9. Guyzers said :

    When we run out of credit. It’s because imported goods are cheaper and it’s getting to the stage now where we’ve no choice anyway. 75% of the world’s socks are made in one region in China, if i wanted to buy British made socks i’m not even sure i could.

  10. Mac the Knife said :

    But you have to take into account where they buy the products from and the type of product. As someone has already said, if you buy products cheap then you are more likely to buy more of the product. The shops that stock the product are therefore busier and employ more staff. It’s also a fact that many of us can’t afford to buy our UK products as we earn to little and they’re too expensive which is one reason there has been a huge decline in what we produce.

  11. Lorne said :

    It is exporting wealth out of the country; there must be a limit on how long we can continue to operate on this flawed economic model. It is hard to see where value is being added and where wealth is being generated in this country.


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