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How many people are in the US Army, and the US military?

This may be a confusing question, but im asking how many people are in the US Army alone, and how many people are in the US Military meaning: Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. and if you feel, how many people are in the different branches. thank you.
and i am not sure if wikipedia is accurate.

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3 Responses to “How many people are in the US Army, and the US military?”

  1. World Class Mechanic said :

    With Terrorism and the car bomb we just had here, I do not believe anyone with accuracy to this question will be acknowledged.

  2. Lava Perro said :

    The Army plus the Army National Guard plus the Army reserves has about 1.2 million total Soldiers.

    The USMC plus the USMC reserves has about 255,000 total Marines.

    I do not know about the rest of the totals.

  3. Alex D said :

    do you wan’t to know Coast Guard to? They like to think they are in the military but they are under the DHS, not the DoD… Also they have less people than the NYPD so the number doesn’t really change.

    US Army active component: 539,675
    US Army Reserve component: 557,375
    Total Army: 1,097,050

    USMC Active: 203,000
    USMC Reserve: 40,000
    USMC Total: 243,000

    US Navy: 332,000

    USAF active: 327,452
    USAF reserve: 115,300
    Air National Guard: 106,700
    USAF Total:549,452

    Total military: 2,221,502

    USCG: 49.973

    Total military w/ USCG: 2,271,475


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