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how likely would i get i get raped in jail or prison and why?

I’m 5’9 thick. 23 yrs old black male. Lightskinned. Big booty with hips and all like a girl (runs through the family)Cute. Pretty brown eyes. I dress and act straight. I’m very masculine. 245lbs. How likely am I to get raped in jail or prison and why?

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9 Responses to “how likely would i get i get raped in jail or prison and why?”

  1. John Milton said:

    You’ll be raped.

  2. Vanessa G said:

    You are 100% likely to be raped, and raped often

  3. Pichi said:

    Do you have some kind of fetish? If you’re submissive you’ll become someone’s “slave.” And in return, they’ll protect you. If you refuse their offers, you’ll likely be beat to a pulp, or killed.

  4. Leslie S said:

    The reason for all rape, Dominance by physical violence along with sexual gratification.
    The dominance and control over another is the biggest factor.

    as to will you look at your last question

  5. Satha Sirin said:

    Are you worried about getting raped or looking forward to it? I can’t tell.

  6. Em said:


  7. skeletons of society said:

    you dont get raped in jail,they havnt been in their long enough.prison might be another story

  8. Outback Jon said:

    Prison rape is no where near as common as shown in TV shows and movies.

  9. Kris said:

    it’s a sure thing but if you don’t want it, tell them you have AIDS……….


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