How do you feel about people that drop their culture and become “white washed”?

they try to fit in with mainstream although physically they clearly don’t fit in? And should we be so harsh on to judge them? This is America the land where you can reinvent yourself to be anyone or anything you want to be, a land symbolizing freedom and no boundaries. Yet we can be so judgmental and insular. =/ Thoughts?

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7 Responses to “How do you feel about people that drop their culture and become “white washed”?”

  1. ?uestion Master said:

    Lots of white people questions today…

  2. The Unknown Avatar said:

    “White washed”!?

  3. Mike said:

    i dont see any problem in goin with the crowd

  4. theuzamaki9000 said:

    I could care less about what other people do with THEIR LIVES. One you shouldn’t judge period and two, the time when you are looking at that person, you should be spending time on yourself. I don’t care, why should you?

  5. Anthony said:

    Act however you want. if your white washed w/e. just be proud of your culture, dont be wishing you were white. just kuz im mexican doesnt mean i have to listen to mariachi music or anything. But im not white washed, dont get it twisted haha.

  6. Techs said:

    I really believe that some people just take it too far, I notice that Asian girls do it a lot. As a person I cannot stand it when an Asian girl acts like she is too good for people of her own culture and ignores them completely, I had to put up with one and she was ignoring me just because I was Asian and she was trying so hard to fit in with the Whites. I really don’t hate it when people do that but I hate it when people avoid those of their own culture completely and refuse to get anywhere near them, I mean it really pisses me off when people think like that.

  7. Jesus R said:

    I don’t really care about what a stranger does with their life. If that person wants to forget about their heritage and culture, then I say let them. However, I do think it is wrong to forget who you truly are.


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