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How do i stop previous entires coming up when i start typing?

Lets say i typed in JC12345 into a form when filling out a billing form or something. When i go onto other websites then and type in something beginning with J, JC12345 will come up. How do i clear this? Ive tried tools>options>clear private data but it aint working! Im using firefox. I just dont want other people reading my information when they come onto the computer!

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5 Responses to “How do i stop previous entires coming up when i start typing?”

  1. Josh S said :

    Hello Jordan C,

    You would need to access in Firefox:

    Tools > Options > Privacy Tab.

    Uncheck the boxes to remember your form data.

  2. dee said :

    you just have to clean the historic data on your web browser, maybe you are just cleaning cookies and not the historic….Or you can type J and the on the list display below you point at the word…just point not select and pres delete on your keyboard

  3. Andrew said :

    Clearing your private data should do it…. be sure that the ‘save form and search history’ and ‘cache’ is enabled. If this doesn’t work, download CCleaner. It will clear out all saved information

  4. Alex C said :

    If you don’t want to delete everything, just go to a box where it comes up, and press down on the keyboard until you come to the one you don’t want, and press delete.

    I think you can right click and delete it too, I’m not sure.

  5. Nick said :

    Please, if you say “clear private data” is not working, then go to
    tools> options>advance tab.
    Please in the accessibility column, if “search for text when I start typing” check box is ticked, please untick it.
    Click OK.


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