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How do I get more subscribers and channel views on youtube?

okay so I have this youtube channel and I wanna get more subscriber without sub4sub and I want more channel views so I can be a partner and I would make better videos but I don’t know any good ideas so what can I do

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5 Responses to “How do I get more subscribers and channel views on youtube?”

  1. Robert said:

    Make videos on a topic that you have interest in. You could do videos where you include current topical news items.

    To get more subscribers try putting your videos as video responses to more popular videos that cover similar topics, this will get you direct feedback from your target audience and will draw new fans.

  2. Infinitejourneys said:

    Most people on youtube that have lots of views, friends , and subs are using some type of automated software. Check out my video, I use an awesome software. You can download a free trial. Go to this video. . Good Luck!

  3. -beth- said:

    Well it depends what your video is about however I recommend:

    Posting it as a video response to people who are more popular on youtube and whose video relates to yours for example if it is on beauty post it as a video response to someone like juicystar07 or panacea81 basically people who get alot of veiws 🙂

    DO NOT post “sub 4 sub” comments as people will find it annoying and therefore not subscribe to your channel ect. 🙂

    Leave comments to videos that get alot of views but not “sub 4 sub” ones 🙂

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Jasmine said:

    u can use this link:
    it will increase the number of viewers,friends and subers without u doing anything!

    good luck

  5. Cloey Niga said:

    Hello Natasha, my username is Cloey22772 or you might know me as Jules Nemitz or splishsplashsploshXD on youtube! In order to get subscribers you need to make good videos and to become a partner you have to get 30,000+ views on a video!

    Sooooo Better videos= more subscribers (BTW u basically JUST admitted you do SUB4SUB!)


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