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How do I get and keep a mouse out of my grill?

this is not the first time its happend a couple of weeks ago there i found a bunch of grass and twigs in the grill and i decided to brush to scare anything and then i see a mouse run across the grill! and now there is another one in our grill or maybe the same one. idk! my mom thinks it wants to have babies in our grill. could that be the reason why it wants to use the grill as a hotel?
its a gas grill

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4 Responses to “How do I get and keep a mouse out of my grill?”

  1. Grace said :

    how did it get in there? Try and coax the mouse out with some food. get it out!!
    block whatever it is the mous got through

  2. Heejae said :

    I didn’t know they could do that! Get some antifreeze and put it next to the grill. They like antifreeze but it will kill it. Or you could just turn the grill on all day until it burns it so it will stay away O_o

  3. wbmoo said :
  4. jeehzzi said :


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