How can i tell a prospective partner that he has a bad breath?

He is sweet and calm. I have tried saying it indirectly by not kissing and not allowing him to kiss me. He seems crazy about me but i cant have a relationship with him unless he sorts it out. But he has still not got the clue. How do i say it directly without offending him. It is very very bad.

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6 Responses to “How can i tell a prospective partner that he has a bad breath?”

  1. Laurel said:

    You could give him some breath mints?

  2. OriginalPenguin said:

    give him gum before you two kiss. that’s what i did with my ex.

  3. miabella said:

    I would not go out with him, if he doesn’t know by now that his breath stinks then his family must all be the same as him and who wants to be involved with non hygienic people ?
    If you bought him mints he would still not get the hint and it would only cover up his dental problem. You could try talking to him about the last appointment you had with the dentist and see his reaction, he may say he never goes and then you ask why etc.,
    Good luck.

  4. allen555 said:

    Buy him a good quality mouth wash.
    Faint the next time he tries to kiss you.
    Tell him you would rather kiss the dog than him.
    Put your hand over your mouth when he comes near you.
    Don’t clean your teeth and eat raw garlic.

  5. YELLOW PINKY =) said:

    carry polos every time you meet him and offer them throughout the date =)

  6. 007#2 said:

    buy him a tooth brush and some tooth paste and mouth wash and a life time supply of extra’s mint. Tell him its for his death breath


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