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How can I stop piegons sitting on garden fence and poohing over my garden?

anyone know how to stop piegons?

I cany afford spikes, but im sick of my garden being covered in bird pooh. Also, my garden small and i cant move washing line and birds keep poohing over my clothes!

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4 Responses to “How can I stop piegons sitting on garden fence and poohing over my garden?”

  1. CoolRain said :

    Put a statue of an owl or larger bird that would prey on them, it will scare them away.

  2. saulg21 said :

    I wouls hang some aluminum pie tins with string from tree limbs or go to someplace like WalMart to buy a big plastic owl to display in your garden to keep smaller birds from coming by.

  3. Otis said :

    Install a pidgeon toilet. Just make sure the handle is very low as it is hard for them to flush.

  4. BobSpain said :


    assuming you mean ‘pigeons’ there are some things you can do to prevent them from using YOUR garden.

    You could buy an amount of grains and seeds and spread it daily somewhere else (I wouldn’t suggest a neighbour’s garden, ’cause paybacks are a bitch!)

    Alternatively get some quicklime and paint the tops of your fences with it. Please ensure that no children can reach this.

    Another, less intrusive, way is to get a cat!

    Hope this helps you out.


    BobSpain (p.s. sorry about the over zealous censorship shown by ‘Yahoo answers’ but I’m sure you know what paybacks are…?)


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