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How can I go from cute & innocent to sweet and sexy?

It probably sounds like a dumb question but im always seen as “cute” and “young” looking. I want to look more sexy(but not slutty). How can I do that?

I have brown hair/blue eyes/ I am round 5’5 and im average weight.

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9 Responses to “How can I go from cute & innocent to sweet and sexy?”

  1. BB said :

    slouch boots
    jean shorts
    flowy tanks/tunics
    long necklaces

  2. Lacey and stacey Vertolli said :

    don’t wear cloths if you want to look sexy .. simple .

  3. Claire said :

    go with slightly tighter clothes that aren’t frumpy and comfy looking. dress sophisticated but a little on the edge. heels and skirts and stuff:)

  4. angelic beauty said :

    A smoky eye in blacks, grays, grays, and/or purples are a good start if not just dark eyeliner. For lips and cheeks, I believe a tinted or shimmery bright red or pink for lips and plums for cheeks. Just tinge of bronzer will finish things up!

  5. hiphopteendiva14 said :

    check out the clothes on

  6. class510 said :

    This is as much about your personality and how you present yourself as anything. Don’t have an “attitude”, but be nice and friendly. Smile a lot. Show a little bit of skin – but not much, keep the guys guessing and interested. DON’T be overtly sexual. Guys may come after you, but not in a good way.

  7. sweetescape said :

    Short Shorts
    wear more satin material clothing
    high waisted skirts/shorts
    wearing more formal clothes make you appear older
    wear darker colours
    distressed jeans
    big accessories

    But really, it’s your attitude that can make you go from cute and innocent, to sexy! Confidence, is really sexy, i’ve heard from guys haha

  8. Mi Mi said :

    You sound gorgeous! I have friends with similar appearances, and they are seen as sexy because of their bodys, the way they dress, their hair cuts, and their makeup. Try wearing a pushup bra, a not to deep v neck, skinny jeans, and if you really wanna look sexy, try high heels depending on your age. If not depending on your style try bright statement sneakers like pastreys or cute statement flats. For your makeup keep it simple and youthful, but to add a sexier edge, add a black eyeliner to your upper and lower lashlines with white eyeliner in your waterline to keep your eyes looking fresh. For your hair, some highlights would give you an edge, but if you don’t want to maintain them, try just and edgy layered cut, and give it volume with mouse like garniers xxl volume mouse.

  9. Tatiana said :

    Probably changing around your style in clothes and makeup. Also the way you do your hair. So if you keep your hair up, maybe down would make it look more sexy. Clothing, i’d say show more body but not too much. A Pair of short shorts, nice singlet / tee, a couple of necklaces, bangles earings 🙂
    Makeup, but dont look like you got gangbanged by crayola so make it nice and even. theres always tutorials on youtube about makeup n suggested ones to go look at are:

    There really good makeup gurus, and theres pleanty more. You can watch how to do some different eye shadow styles, add glows to your face etc etc etc.
    Hope i helped xx


  10. Muhammad said :

    Ummm . . . I would look that up hahah . But I know that you could lose 5 10 pounds a week by eniicezrxg, eating right(Its ok to have a snake now and then) and drink LOTS of water :*)


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