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Have you ever looked around the classroom and saw someone watching you?

The class is engaged in classroom discussion or you’re doing an assignment. You look around the classroom, only to see a guy (or girl) in a distant area watching your every move from a far. If you watch that individual days after, you will notice their eyes are always on you.

Personally, to me that is so strange! The strange part is; likely, they have been watching you for weeks, if not months or years. And you did not even notice the person. Has this circumstance happen to you? How did you feel about the situation? Or were you the watcher, watching your secret crush?

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13 Responses to “Have you ever looked around the classroom and saw someone watching you?”

  1. Natalie said:

    It happens to me all the time. People of both sexes. Its kinda creepy, but it makes me wonder what they are thinking about or why they are looking at me. Im like do i look funny, or did i say something stupid? lol. It makes me nervous.

  2. oh so lovely said:

    i haven’t noticed anyone watching me everyday or anything….but i do occasionally look around the room and make that really awkward eye contact with someone, where you both look away quickly lol. that happens to me a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

    i have a really bad habit of eavesdropping of people’s conversations around me, and when i get really into listening i look at the person talking and they are probably like, “wtf? why is this girl watching me speak?!” lol, i should stop that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Isa B said:

    i know right!
    That happends to me 24/7.
    it’s so akward.

  4. kayla said:

    yes! theres this guy in my band and whenever i have a rest and happen to look over, hes ALWAYS staring at me 0__0 and hes 3 grades above me! creeper status.

  5. Rebecca said:

    Yup! It happens to me too. This kid and I only talk online, never in person, and I did see him staring at me in class. I stared back for like 3 seconds but I felt REALLY awkward.
    Sometimes I am the watcher and the same guy looks at me back. He must think I’m really annoying!

  6. Berklee. [Suspended] said:

    Yeah, it’s so weird!
    The one I noticed most was second semester of english this last year. There was a new girl to our school and for the last month or so of school every time I looked her direction in that class she was staring at me or my friend. It was so awkward, I bet she was thinking mean things about us, she’s one of those really two faced btichy girls.

  7. Jacky =) said:

    i was once ‘staring’ at someone for a week until my friend told
    what had happened was i would always get so bored in class i would zone out and just stare on accident

  8. With her head in the clouds said:

    Once in year 9 we were in either English or society and environment class I don’t remember which but we were all listening to the teacher. Anyway my friends and I were all on on end of a big set of tables. I was on the right near the window between Rebecca and my best friend Sarah, opposite us was Jodie and Eliza and if I remember correctly Alicia and Olivia were at the end of the table. A guy who was a bit of a loner and used to harass me was starting wide eyed and slightly open mouthed at my bust. It was really awkward. I was slightly tempted to put up my hand and say something but I didn’t. It’s too late now but I should have said something quietly to my teacher after class. I didn’t want to get the guy into trouble I just wanted it to stop.

  9. Happy-Go-Lucky said:

    Yes it’s happened to me.
    And I have been the watcher and I think I freaked my crush out! lol.

  10. My Nerve is...Nervism. said:

    Yeah, this guy would stare at me all the time in the classes we had together. I’m still not sure if he liked me, tho. I didn’t find it strange, because I was looking at him, too.

  11. โ˜€โ—กโ˜€ said:

    Yes, that has happened before. It is not that big of a deal but sometimes I wonder why they are looking at me. I also find it embarrassing when I catch their stare and it becomes awkward. Yes, I have observed people before, it is a habit of mine since I am interested in seeing what people do and interact, lol. :]

  12. Big Woof said:


  13. Kazzie said:

    Yes it has happenedto me and it is kind of creepy. One of the answers above randomly reminded me about once when I was on holiday with my family and best-friend. We were staying at a holiday park thing and we were in the rec. room with the computers and games and stuff. Anyways, we wer playing air hockey and it’s near the door and I leaned over to grab the puck thingy and a guy about the same age as us walked in behind us and said really loudly “your cracks showing” Luckily no-one else was around but it was really strange and awkward and he went and sat at one of the computers. Then I saw him again the next day and he was sitting on a bench and he kept staring at us whilst we were playing mini-golf. Then we saw him later again at the pool. We were convinced he was stalking us.


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