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Effects of alcohol and marijuana if I go to the gym regularly?

I smoke weed and get drunk every other day with friends on average, but I also go to the gym for a good workout lasting about an hour on the days in between. What effects does drinking alcohol have on my workouts? What affects does smoking marijuana have on workouts? Is it much better smoke and drink but also go to the gym regularly, compared to someone who does the same things but never gets any exercise?

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5 Responses to “Effects of alcohol and marijuana if I go to the gym regularly?”

  1. beamqueen302 said:

    nothing, your sweat will just smell a lil like weed 😉

  2. af said:

    You are obviously much better of than someone who never exercises but drinks and smokes the same. But exercise will not entirely “cancel” out the bad effects. Your liver and lungs are still gonna be upset with you.

    Plus your workouts would probably be more effective if you drank and smoked less.

  3. Ricky D said:

    Ok, so you poison yourself every other day, and think that an hour’s workout in between compensates? Dead by 30 more like!

  4. LJ said:

    this is what i do often and i feel great. matter fact i ran a 10k a few months ago and a 5k yesterday. and im bout to go hang with sum BUDdies..hehe so its working for me. if u feel good enough, then hey aint no problem i see

  5. Parth S said:

    You’re better off then your friends who smoke and drink but never go to the gym.

    I don’t know too much about marijuana.

    But I do know that alcohol consumption has been linked to an increase in estrogen levels. You may need see the effect now, but when you get older, you will certainly noticed some awkwardly shaped man boobs.

    The more alochol you drink, the higher your estrogen levels, and the more difficult it will be for you to lose fat.

    It’s your choice. Your body.


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