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Does it bother anyone else when Americans, and other foreigners refer to the UK as ‘England’?

I am Scottish, and can’t help notice when foreigners refer to the UK as England, especially the Queen as ‘Queen of England’! It really annoys me, but what about anyone else?

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17 Responses to “Does it bother anyone else when Americans, and other foreigners refer to the UK as ‘England’?”

  1. Persuations8 said :

    Queen of the United Kingdom! Its a mouthful isn’t it? I don’t see a problem maybe because I am a foreigner who lives in England. Its too nit picky

  2. A-lis-e-ah said :

    no because thats what its called.
    but its gay when they say queen of england

  3. Teamkill said :

    They think that the UK is England and that Scotland is some island. They also know less of Northern Ireland (Ulster), and think that Northern Ireland is an island that doesn’t border the Republic of Ireland. Do you really expect Americans to know geography outside of a 5 km radius of where they live?

  4. (CCCC) said :

    You shouldn’t be bothered if you know that Americans aren’t educated in the kingdoms that are now countries and united

  5. Reino said :

    Is it not the same when they refer to US Citizens “Americans” when everyone from Canada down to Argentina are “Americans”?

  6. Mimi said :

    I’ve always wondered about that. I’m an American and have always referred to it as England because that’s how my Nana (She’s from there) has always referred to it. She is 94, so maybe that’s what it was called when she was there. Sorry it annoys you. This isn’t really an answer for your question, but it’s an explanation for why some people might call it England. Take care!

  7. Ciarán said :

    No, it doesn’t bother me. I live in Ireland. Or as some would call it, Northern Ireland

  8. Love..Michelle..Hate said :

    No…. if they mean England, then they mean England.

  9. Nick W said :

    No it doesn’t bother me. I think of myself as English. I’ve seen a lot of forms where they ask for your ethnicity. It bugs me that it always says British and Irish White but not English White as if I don’t have the right to view myself as English. I always write it in very large, deep scrawly letters so perhaps it’s time I went on meds for it.

  10. Laura Kearns said :

    Im from wales & no i don’t really mind

  11. John said :


  12. Fr G said :

    Because the countries should be referenced individually, none of this unity crap. Why do Scots want to be lumped in with the English anyway.

  13. Jeffrey said :

    I’m american and I (usually) refer to it as the UK.
    Also I am aware that the UK consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and N.Ireland.

    Sometimes it’s easier to say England.
    You guys never refer to us by our individual states, because well that’s more a pain in the ass.

  14. Jimmy C said :

    She is the queen of England. She is also queen of those other bits that are stuck on the top and the side too.

  15. KENNETH D said :

    The Queen is Queen of England and Scotland by descent but Queen of Wales by subduing of Wales we are England’s oldest colony. However I still acknowledge her as Queen and like and respect her.

  16. mindflux303 said :

    That’s how the world sees it. Westminster plunders its vast riches.

    Time to leave.

  17. Earleen Hoffstetter said :

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