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Do lesbian girls get naked and caress their bodies together because it feels good?

Is there any other purpose for it? If so what are they?

I’m just really young and I don’t know much about stuff like this. I’ve never felt attracted to boys and I’ve always felt this strange feeling of deep love and joy when I am close to other girls. Does this mean I’m a lesbian. I’ve just never been naked with another girl or even seen another girl naked so I have no idea what it’s like.

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8 Responses to “Do lesbian girls get naked and caress their bodies together because it feels good?”

  1. ︻╦╤─ Cobra B.G. said :

    You sound like one….

  2. Kerri said :

    You are too young to know!
    But being with a girl isnt a bad thing.
    Follow your heart.

  3. Timmy2 said :

    no, cuz it LOOKS good. oops guy talk

  4. Cody S said :

    Judging by the style of this and your other questions, either you are a really awkward person or a troll.

    If I give you the benefit of doubt, the answer is yes. Same reasons people of any gender and orientation “get naked and caress their bodies together”.

  5. Bethe W said :

    No we actually caress our bodies together so we can tell when the other person needs a full body shave. If you caress and feel prickles, you tell your partner and then they let you do a full body wax on them!

  6. Marilyn said :

    they’re doing it in the streets and supermarkets.
    where do you live? never seen them?
    that reminds me… I wanted to go buy some apples…

  7. BETZY R said :

    your never too young to know if you’re gay i mean like me
    i made out with a girl when i was 7 im 18 now and im a lesbian i feel
    so much more attracted to females then to males guys r just ugh idk loll
    but if you feel more comfortable around them then be with them 🙂

  8. luckystar said :

    you’re just weird, i mean if you don’t fall in love with a boy yet, it doesn’t mean that you’re a lesbian just wait for the time! you’re still young don’t think about stuff like that! and you BETZY R! i don’t care if you’re a lesbian or anything but don’t influence such a young girl with your nasty thoughts! stop influencing people, well that’s your thing but lesbian is not good you know -__- it’s against human’s law, you know i’m not trying to be religious or something but God created us equal to man and woman, and so God created woman to be with man, and man to be with woman not to become gay or lesbian -__-. So you! who post this comment listen to me! you’re normal and don’t get influenced!


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