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Changed the light bulb in turn signal on 2001 Ford Escort and it still does not work, why?

I changed the light buld on the turn signal, yesterday it worked all day yesterday and this morning on the way to work it was working and half way here it stopped working it started flicking fast again and I have no right turn signal again, what else could be wrong?

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6 Responses to “Changed the light bulb in turn signal on 2001 Ford Escort and it still does not work, why?”

  1. beej253 said :

    Check the fuse, check the positive cable at the light & the cable run and make sure it is not in contact with the negative terminal or the car frame (any metal on the car) then if that is no help then next, change out the flasher unit……

  2. tony b said :

    hi … if it was flikering fast then you need a new flasher relay. this may be found in the fuse box. check your owner manual.
    it will show you under relays.

  3. Luis P said :

    check your fuse box

  4. J Stang said :

    Check the fuse, and flasher relay. It may even be the combination switch that you use to turn on your signals. All those things are pretty cheap to replace. If you do need the combination switch, you should be able to pick one up cheap at a junkyard, or you could get a new one from Ford.

  5. tcstangs said :

    I would start with the grounds for that lamp first then check dirty grounds else where and the condition of the socket for that lamp.

  6. Debora Fudacz said :

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