Can someone help me with attaching a headboard and bed frame?

I had a bed with a headboard, footboard and rails. I took it apart and bought a regular bed frame due to the fact that I keep injuring myself on the footboard. Now, I would like to attach the headboard to the bedframe as I have nowhere to store the headboard (footboard fit in the closet). There is nowhere to attach it. Can I get some type of device to accomplish this task?

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One Response to “Can someone help me with attaching a headboard and bed frame?”

  1. a touch of destiny... said:

    try attaching it to the wall behind the bed. and just push the mattress and base against it.
    as to how you put it up’ it depends on what the frame looks like and how thick it is
    however most of them work with a combination of glue and long screw nails.

    and if you do a clean job.
    to anyone who sees it they’ll think it was attached to the bed and not the wall.


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