Can someone find out my name and address through an ip address?

I had a disagreement with someone on Facebook and they sent me a message and I responded. They are now saying that they have my IP address and they will find out my name and address and raid my memory and send me a very special pressi<<< whatever that means. so I am wondering what exactly can my IP address tell them?

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13 Responses to “Can someone find out my name and address through an ip address?”

  1. ez80227 said:

    yes, but it will be the address of the isp, not yours. unless they hack the isp as well or you’re using dialup..

    here’s an experiment you can try…
    go to this will tell you your ip.
    then go to and input the ip.
    it should return your service provider unless you use dial up.

  2. Alex C said:

    they can find ur address but not ur name

  3. crimson.gh0st said:

    Your IP address can, at most, tell them your internet provider and maybe city and state. Unless they’re a hacker and can do far more intricate things via computer, they’re just trying to scare you.

  4. Jeff P said:

    The IP will tell them where you are in the world, and depending on the ISP, possibly even the state and city. But, they cannot get your physical address from an IP address.

  5. Jay said:

    In theory, yes. However most IP’s are your ISP’s location. I wouldn’t worry.

    I’d contact the authority or contact someone who can sort this. It is bullying over the internet! Plus, that special thing may not be too nice, or may even be them selfs eh =D

  6. doug0102 said:

    It’s possible, but very hard. Your IP address tells them the general area where you are (city or even a larger area)
    An EXPERT can get more info, but it’s not easy. So, forget it.

  7. RFairney said:

    The only time someone can find out information such as that from your IP address is if you have a Static IP address, and a domain name connected to that IP address with your personal information registered.

    They can however take your name from facebook and put that into a search engine, and potentially find out more information through careful deduction.

  8. Aaron said:

    They can’t do that without a court order.

    The best they could do is get the name of your ISP and a vague area of where you are. (normally within a radius of 30 miles)

  9. beme said:

    Not much. Quite possibly, the worst they could do is launch a denial of service attack, but I’ll bet they don’t know how. Besides, usually your ISP (internet service provider) provides you with a non-permanent IP address. Which means, everytime you login you could have a different address. Frequently the same one is assigned for a while, so don’t log out and back in a bunch of times trying to get a new one. To find your own IP address go to a DOS prompt (select Run from the start menu then type cmd in the box. A dos prompt will appear. Type ipconfig at the prompt.

    The internet service provider won’t provide their logs to any old person who asks (they’ll do it for the police and/or the FBI), so I think it’s an idle threat. Reporting you to facebook is another matter under their rules and regulations.

  10. Jack said:

    ha ha. yes they can do anything and almost everything if they have your ip i had a problem with a person sending me trojans day-night so i decided to track the ip using my inti-virus and this with that they can get your phys address all they need is your ip. test it out have a ip in mind type it and it will show it

  11. Smokies Hiker said:

    For anyone other than a computer professional, this would be very difficult to pull off. There are people that can do this with certain software, but it usually takes a court order from a judge in order for anyone to be able to track you down right to your front door. Some folks might be able to track your ip address to a city/county location, but that’s pretty much as far as they could narrow it down. They’re likely just “pulling your chain” to get a response!

  12. Miha L said:

    No. They can not to find out what is your name or address without help of your ISP.
    With your IP address they can find out a lot about you. Take a look:

    But private information’s about is not possible to find out with any IP lookup.

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