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Can broad and big boned girls be fairly skinny?

Yeah like I can’t explain it, heavey boned, broad, fat thick bones.. idk

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5 Responses to “Can broad and big boned girls be fairly skinny?”

  1. єƒ said :

    Big boned?

  2. secretagent said :

    Well yes, just like small framed people can become fat. It just depends on Genes and diet.

  3. Molly Griffiths said :

    well no…
    broad, is the opposite of skinny, you can be one or the other,
    lyk, can tall girls be fairly short? emm……
    rephrase your question

    mollie xxx

  4. DSTlady said :

    They can be thin for their frame, but never skinny skinny. I’ve seen large framed girls lose a lot of weight and be slim, but not skinny.

  5. HAPPYFACE! said :

    i know what you meannn!!!!!!
    i think big boned girls are more beautiful cause us girls got CURVESSS.
    unlike those stick skinny girls.

    yes, you can. i know a lot of thick boned girls including myself. and im fairly skinny, my sister is like a stick and im big boned and got HELLLLLLLA curves hahah. we are just as beautiful!
    yoga is the best way to bring those curves out! and the skinnier we get, the more curves we have cause we are big boned!
    hope this helps 😀


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