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Are the dishes washed and the table cleared?

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15 Responses to “Are the dishes washed and the table cleared?”

  1. Party marty Graw said :

    They most certainly are.

  2. back catalogue said :

    no they are waiting for you .

  3. Unknown said :


  4. GreenKitteh: Just Phuking w/ Ya said :

    Yep, all ready for our weekly make out on dinner table.

  5. crazyrocker621 said :

    no and yes

  6. Raging Tranny said :

    There’s a lot of empty Heineken bottles lying around, but plenty more full in the fridge. Help yourself 🙂

  7. Lina said :

    My mom cleaned everything 😛

  8. Quizard said :

    No, I haven’t eaten yet.

  9. go west young welly said :

    are you thinking of throwing dishes again D

  10. EJ`s Lawyer said :

    Yes everything is in order.. spick and span

  11. Bear said :

    No – I’m waiting for the wife to get home from her 12 hour shift down the mine,and when she’s cooked dinner,she can do all the dishes at once.

  12. Steady *Eddie* said :
  13. Tango said :

    The table is cleared but the dishes are still being washed in the dishwasher. I don’t mind the preparation and cooking but I would rather have the stationary robot do the dishwashing.

  14. Tinker said :

    Not yet D
    *Runs off to load the dishwasher *

  15. Greybeard said :

    Yep, it’s all shipshape here in Greybeard Mansions!
    What would I do without my dishwasher!


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